Now, I know many of you will have no idea of what I speak when I refer to George Orwell's tome, "1984". A few perhaps but I would submit that many or most just do not. The terms, "Owellian", "1984", or reference to, "Winston Smith", no, I suspect it just flies right over your heads. A few, however, will understand the references and images will instantly form in minds relating events of today with those so vividly described by Mr. Orwell so many years ago.

I read this morning of yet another federal government raid on a private residence back on the East Coast. The residence of a journalist who had made the massive error of criticizing said federal government. Yep, She had the nerve, the audacity to actually write in her newspaper, The Washington Post, of incompetence, arrogance and often dangerous failings of the  Air Marshall program.

Brought to existence in 1962 as "The Sky Marshall Service" to protect airline passengers and flight crews, this service has a long history of clandestine and valiant service. One of the highest trained operations in government regarding firearms and protection, members fly untold thousands of hours all about the world for one purpose - to protect. No other reason. However, over the years, as is always the case in government operations, a few things come along exposing the underbelly of any well meant endeavor. Such was the case in the mid 2000s when reporter and writer Audrey Hudson penned a series of stories describing some of these failures. Her source material, by the way, was collected through The Freedom Of Information Act, also a product of government.

Fast forward to 4.30 am, August 6, 2013. Mrs. Hudson's husband had just left for work and she receives a telephone call from him telling her that their house is surrounded by armed police and federal agents. Complying with demands for entry, the Hudsons  open their home and  are then taken to their kitchen and held hostage in their own home by these armed agents as others toss their house in compliance with a search warrant authorizing said agents to search and seize any and all firearms and related material therein.

Well the agents did exactly that. They tore up the Hudson home, gathering all legally registered  firearms they found, along with a "POTATO GUN" that Audry uses for shredding raw potatoes.

All done, our courageous agents and officers leave the home, terrible yet legally registered guns in hand. No arrests were made and no charges were ever filed against the terrorists in the Hudson household. Again, fast forward yet another 5 weeks. Audry discovers that, in addition to the listed guns the bold agents have seized in compliance with their warrant, they have also secretly stolen many of her personal notes and files regarding her, whoops, wait for it ... her stories about the Air Marshalls. Uh oh! Audry calls the Homeland Security folks. You remember them? They are the faery tale outfit that is suppose to protect the "Homeland"? Yep. That bunch, who, by the way, work directly for the highest crook in the Department of Justice, one Eric Holder. Now you're perhaps starting to get the picture and the reference to George Orwell's, "1984"??? Audry calls and demands an explanation. She was told that, "Suspicious miscellaneous document" had been taken. Odd. When a search warrant is served all confiscated items and materials are, BY LAW, required to be listed on a separate inventory and that inventoried list of taken property is, BY LAW, required to be furnished to the property owner. THATS THE LAW!  Administration stooges are so quick to shout to hungry cameras that, WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS!". No list of documents was included on said inventory proved to the Hudsons. Uh Oh!  She, Audry, had to go pick them up herself because we all know that any and all federal government agencies are far too important to return them themselves.

So, the upshot of their wee fishing expedition and bogus search warrant was NOT to seize terrorist guns but rather to steal her files and personal notes about her stories. She says her home was stacked with boxes and boxes of files and materials yet only the five (5) files of her stories were stolen by the feds. Are you seeing what is happening here yet?

So, with the current mob in the White House and their stooges throughout the government, particularly that outfit of crooks in the Department of "Justice", a pretty good track record of sneaking about, shredding the Constitution, coverup, deceit, bias, theft and corruption.on the party of your/our government. And, if you will notice, a pretty damned good imitation of the activities so vividly described throughout the book, "1984". The seeking of complete and total government control over most aspects of American life. Who is next on the agenda for a visit from the valiant government agents? You?  Me? Hey, I write enough of these opinion pieces about government to certainly generate interest in and amoungst the goons. Perhaps one morning at 4.30 I will be awakened by armed government-types and my house also searched for all the illegal weapons and terrorist materials I too possess? Or then again, maybe it will be YOU?

Orwell would be proud of his prognostications in his book. They're all coming to fruition!

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