Read early this morning about Governor Andrew Cuomo's success so far in disarming the citizens of New York. He is proud that he has stopped criminals in their tracks, disarming them and making safe all the citizens of the state. Of course he, now I dont want to say something cruel like perhaps he is out of his mind, but maybe just delusional??? The NRA has vowed to oppose this law and plans to force the issue in the courts. But Cuomo has already labelled gun owners as "Extremists" and whatever a devout National Socialist Democrat says must be true because Der Fuhrer agrees. The United States Army has labelled Christians as "Extremists". The Gadsby Flag, "Dont tread on me", the symbol of American patriotism since the Revolutionary War, was labelled by a New Jersey State court as a "Tea Party" banner and ordered down from a State Armory. Courts and those all self-important Home Owners Associations, are ordering the American Flag down throughout the country but allowing anything Islamic to be displayed in its place. Oh, here, by the way is how is was addressed in Nazi Germany. Try this one on and see if it doesnt closely parallel what is happening today:

"We are in danger that the Bill of Rights reflects experience with police excesses.  It is not only under Nazi rule that police excesses are inimical to freedom.  It is easy to make light of insistence on scrupulous regard on the safeguards of civil liberties when invoked on behalf of the unworthy.  It is too easy.  History bears testimony that by such disregard are the rights of liberty extinguished, heedlessly, at first, then stealthily, and brazenly in the end.".

                                                                                 Justice Felix Frankfurter

And then there is this:

"The most foolish mistake we could make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms.  History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.  Indeed, I would go so far to say that the supply of guns to the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty.  So, lets not have any native militia or native police.".

                                                                                Adolf Hitler

And then there is this:

"This year will go down in history!  For the first time in history a nation has full gun registration!  Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future.".

                                                                              Adolf Hitler

Stephen P. Holbrook, PH.D., J.D., cites in his book, "Registration, the Nazi Paradigm", "It would be instructive at this time why the American citizenry and Congress have historically opposed the registration of firearms.  The reason is plain.  Registration makes it easy for a tyrannical government to confiscate and to make prey of its subjects.  Denying this historical fact is no more justified than denying that the Holocaust occurred ...:."

Governor Mike Huckabee spoke recently to a caller on his radio program reference pending national gun control as compared with those actions taken by the Nazis in the 1930s, "People do forget that.  And, by the way, know that when you bring that up you get people who get crazy on us, and they'll start saying, 'Oh, there you go comparing to the Nazis', and I understand the reaction but its the truth.  You cannot take people's right away if they are resisting and have the means to resist, but once they're disarmed the people who are trying to take over have all the power, not just political, not just financial but they have the physical power to domesticate us and to subjugate us to their will,  There's not a whole lot we can do about it other than just plan to die in the course of resistance.".

This said, why then are the National Socialists so bent upon gun registration? Are they so naive as to actually think national registration, re-defining the definition of certain long guns, publishing personal information in Socialist newspapers, laws decreeing gun owner's insurance, massive fines for those electing NOT to be subjected to yet another theft of citizen's money in the form of these insurance policies, allowing seven but not ten rounds of ammunition in a pistol magazine and the other inane moves they make daily will make us SAFER? How strongly to you suppose this effects your local neighborhood thug?  Thousands of gun laws exist to protect us today but enforcement is largely ignored or politically directed to be set aside thus allowing perpetrators to continue their criminal activities. Why is that? YOUR own federal government, supported by YOUR Justice Department, sold thousands of weapons to known Mexican criminals then denied  these actions at first then, when finally caught in their own lies, refused to take any action against those officials pushing them in the first place. SO, why then registraion? Why then this expanded, nearly twenty page background check procedure? Go back and re-read those quotes I cited then ask again those same questions!! Then perhaps discuss it amoungst yourselves.

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Comment by David Stanley on April 15, 2013 at 9:16am

Just re-read this and I see in my mind's eye a full theatre viewing all the news reports regarding the government's march to national gun registration. The audience, all seats filled with thugs, gangsters, narcotics dealers, lawyers and politicians, are laughing hysterically as though at the monkey house in the zoo. What fun, what fun!! Like the Taliban anxiously awaiting the removal of US military in Afghanistan, the thugs in this country must merely wait for YOUR government's conclusion and the DOOR IS OPEN! Life Will BE Grand!

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