COSTA RICA -- Scott Feldsher,  La Mesa resident and long-time fixture on the San Diego theater scene, is spending part of his summer directing a show in the mountains of Costa Rica. Feldsher, pictured above in black shirt with his Costa Rican crew, is the theater director at La Jolla Country Day School. He reports he is learning to keep up with the pace of the Costa Rican Spanish but otherwise is doing well. Here is his latest missive posted on the website of  Far Corners Community Musical Theater, the group that specializes in producing art in out-of-the-way places:

The profusion of life in a cloud forest is remarkable for both its diversity and insistence. Before I arrived in Monteverde – actually Santa Elena – I was expecting to live and work on the outskirts of this natural wonder and hoped to experience this biological spectacle on the weekends and odd breaks in what promised (and promises) to be the always hectic schedule of producing a play. However, after spending a couple of nights in my room perched over a gorge in the cloud forest, falling asleep to the Minimalist droning of cicadas, and waking to the delicate, plaintive song of an unknown bird perched on the second layer of canopy, it has become clear I am not on the outskirts of the cloud forest, I’m in it. Perhaps even more surprising is that this profusion of life – this riot of sounds, colors, and hunger for life which seems to permeate everything here also exists in our small group of volunteers at FCCMT.


Every morning, I walk down the hill into the small concrete island of the Centro Comercial, the nearly empty, modern strip mall, housing the 5,000 square foot retail space we plan to transform into a theater, for a staff meeting with these hungry young theatrical saplings. As Lisa and Adrienne proceed to gently offer assignments from the endless list of pre-production tasks, and each kid walks out the door to hand out flyers at the local school or drop off a letter to the local police department or appeal to a local business owner for an in-kind donation, I feel a little like one of the old growth trees outside my window covered by young vines reaching for the sun. I sense my stolid presence and rootedness offer their energy a platform. The symbiosis feels organized and powerful and right. Tasks dealt, hands being played on the streets of this quaint town in the womb of the forest, I look over at the 5,000 square feet of concrete, gypsum and dust and know that, in a month, the cloud forest isn’t going to have anything on us.


La Mesa residents, send us your reports on summer travel and we'll share them with our membership. Just e-mail and attach pictures.

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