Streetscape Or Perhaps Just Raising Dust?

LA MESA -- I just returned from the chemist's to fill a prescription. I generally drive or walk through the Village daily or at least every couple of days. I have watched this "Streetscape" thing keenly. I am always enthusiastic about changes, anything that rearranges the scene one passes through all the time. I watched the City crews laboring, the barricades posed no problem for me because I was excited about the changes. Traffic flow being redirected? No worries. I watched sadly as all our trees were heartlessly destroyed - All of them. Particularly that big ole beauty in front of the wee coffee shop. Gone. Today I parked, hooked up my wee dog and we went into the chemist's. I observed that there were nice clean sidewalks and such and I also noticed that the bench outside the front door was gone, gone, gone. I shall miss it, we shall miss it. We often exited the shop and sat for awhile watching traffic and people pass by. 

As we strolled back to the truck I noticed that so far we have achieved spiffy sidewalks. But I also noted that it looks pretty much the same only sans all those beautiful trees. I asked around, some of the friends who own or operated businesses in the Village. I opined that really not much has changed except for the spiffy sidewalks and NO TREES. Each made the same observation. Hmmm. Talk about special deals to guide tree roots and such. Talk about cracked and uprooted sidewalks creating hazards for old folks. Hmmm. I'm old and I never noticed the hazards alluded to but then .....

I came home and looked up the "Design" projected for the "Streetscape." Looked pretty nice on paper but as I compare the paper picture with what I am seeing, well. questions arise. Now, I do not want to allow myself to fall into the same category of my wife. Each time she walks in whilst I am painting she begins to criticize, telling me this looks bad or I should change that, but ... I know, I know, Perhaps I have slipped there by error. I just am not seeing all those beautiful changes promised by politicians and flashed about on pretty pictures yet. Pardon me. The sidewalks do look pretty nice so far but there has been an awful lot of work just for that.

Give me a break though. The crews seem to be really working hard. I only hope they will move on rapidly and put my/our trees back. They brought life to the streets more than anything else. Holidays and strung lights, well, you get the idea.

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