Throughout the history of our country we have had to bear the stain of treason and traitors. From the Arnold matter during the Revolutionary war through to today. Most often these traitors are dealt with with imprisonment for life or execution. Their actions almost always result in loss of life as they skip mindlessly along, their minds convinced that they are either doing the right thing or making a small bit of money. In relatively recent times two such creatures found themselves in the limelight: Jane Fonda and John Kerry, traitors both. Kerry, whose lies convinced the Navy that his self inflicted wound qualified him for a Purple Heart and upon his return to safety, left his boat crew to their fates, lied to Congress about G.I. atrocities. Celebrated by the Communists in government, elected a Senator and finally appointed as yet another weak and useless Secretary of State.  Fonda, smiling for Communist cameras whilst astride an Anti Aircraft Artillery piece, touring prisoner of war camps and exposing attempted messages to families by prisoners to the camp goons. Convinced of their own right doing both. Celebrated by that portion of the population as heroes despite the death and harm caused by their actions. And how are they received by Government, that organization which suffered their treasonous acts? Why, with celebrity, with, fanfare, with recognition for a job well done.

Now it seems this creature Fonda has the blatant gall to portray Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film. Viet Nam veterans about the country, still hating her for what she did and despising her for the pain, agony and death resulting from what she did, have stood up against her portrayal of an American Icon. They have protested everything about her and her actions then and now. And what is the result? Why, more celebration, more coverage by the fawning National Socialist Democrat press. And, and when asked about  these protests, this traitor smiles into the cameras and tells those of us who struggled through the Viet Nam "issue" to "GET A LIFE".

Now, for those of you that were able to dodge Viet Nam or for those of you with public education and were indoctrinated to believed that we were indeed "Baby Killers", this will mean nothing and you will perhaps laugh merrily along with fellow Socialists. For those of us who were there, for those of us who knew and know, Jane Fonda remains a traitor who should have been tried and imprisoned for leaving a trail of broken bodies in her trail as she danced from one meeting with the North Vietnamese military to the next. "Why, thats old history". Yeah? If you werent there you have absolutely NOTHING to say about it!!

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