Speaking Up For Worker Justice

LA MESA -- Have you ever had to take your break in a linen closet, sharing space with toxic chemicals and carts piled high with linens and cleaning supplies?   Had no place to sit and rest, no fresh air, no restroom, no access to food and water?

Rosa has.

Rosa cleans sixteen hotel rooms a day for poverty wages, no affordable healthcare, no voice on the job - AND is forced to take her “break” in a crowded linen closet.  AND had been told, “Just be glad you have a job!”


No.  Rosa’s story is but one of thousands, stories involving grocery workers, greens keepers,  janitors, sales clerks and many, many others, people whose jobs condemn them to “making do” (or not) on minimum wages, to substandard working conditions and to non-affordable or nonexistent healthcare.

The members of the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice of San Diego County (ICWJ) are working to change those stories – and to share them with you, to inspire you to join them in speaking out against injustice.

On Sunday, January 5, 2014, Elizabeth (Liz) Maldonado Robinson, Program Coordinator for the ICWJ, will share the work of the committee during the 8:30 and 10:00am services at the United Church of Christ of La Mesa (UCCLM).   We invite you to join us for her presentation.  Learn how the ICWJ works to support working families, providing a moral presence in low-wage workers’ struggles for just wages, benefits, treatment and working conditions, and about their commitment to immigrant justice and the halting of modern slavery.  Learn how you can help. 

UCCLM is located at 5940 Kelton Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942 (619-464-1519, www.ucclm.org).   Read about ICWJ at www.icwj.org.

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Comment by David Stanley on December 31, 2013 at 5:48pm

I am sure "Jesus ... would have been first in line ...," etc. And This comment has nothing to do with that "Good Samaritan - type" issue. And it certainly has nothing to do with socialists, etc. It does, however, address the, primarily union-backed and idiot driven movement today attempting to foist this "Liveable Wage" business on society. The nation is almost completely controlled by the minority bullies in our society. The homosexuals, the blacks and Mexicans, the  union goons, pushing, ever pushing, themselves driven by the hate mongers and race baiters and radicals within their own mobs. Dead for decades now is the concept of "Democracy", "Compromise", even simple agreement. Liberal Progressivism has swept away sanity and common sense to be replaced with Political Correctness and enforced by the Thought Police.

There was no "Livable Wage" about when I began working. I worked for the best wages I could get and  struggled to MOVE UP. I did not whine or march or picket and wave placquards demanding employers give me more money. I WENT TO SCHOOL. I took training. I learned how to do things and learned how to do them better. I never expected churches to march in protest and grovel for me. I did what had to be done and continued to better myself and the lot of my family.

Sarcasm or snide tongue-in-cheek "What would Jesus Do"-type comebacks work great for the condescending Progressive-types who smirk and nod knowingly but do nothing for the issues as presented. The "Rosas" portrayed in the original piece also do nothing to better their own lot. Quite often because they are illegal and/or must keep a low profile in fear of arrrest and deportation and certainly because they have, through their own stupidity, failed to prepare for anything apart from the entry level jobs they move through most of their lives. They struggle to exist and more often than not are first in line for the freebies thrown out so grandly by the Progressives. No effort to educate themselves or learn how to get better employment. Just demands for more money! These demands, i might add, at the expense of employment for others because others must lose their jobs and certainly any benefits to force employers to afford to give in to the bullies. When the bullies demand not a job but a good paying position in the Card Shop what then is the response? Will the owner of said Card Shop reduce her own income so that someone with no talent, no training, no experience, nothing but the backing of the bullies, demands it??? Must we, like our pal Obama, be forced to share the wealth. "Sharing the Wealth", by the way, is Progressive code-speak for "You got it, I want it, give it to me or else!"

No. This is an issue of ill prepared individuals who are unwilling to make any effort apart from, "Feel sorry for me" to do any better yet still demand what others have worked hard for. "You've got it, I want it. Give it to me now!" And "What would Jesus Do" is merely a condescending method of dismissing common sense and rational thought in favour of those who will not do anything but make up beds and clean hotel rooms all their working lives but it makes the Progressives feel good to cast aspersions at rational ideas.

Comment by chris shea on December 31, 2013 at 2:27pm
Sneaky Gospel believing outfits, those churches! Jesus and his Love for
all of humankind stirring up the people to action. Silly Good Samaritan types.
Compassion the hallmark of his life, he probably would have been the first person in line to hear Ms. Robinson's remarks.
Comment by Batman on December 31, 2013 at 11:49am

The only way for the socialists/marxists to achieve the "equality" and "social justice" they promise is to hack everyone down to the lowest common denominator. And hack they will, not just economically, but psychologically, emotionally and,,, spiritually. You have to be extremely careful where you go to church these days.

Comment by David Stanley on December 28, 2013 at 4:34pm

Well, you know, I read this article several times to make sure I was reading it correctly. Seems I was. I kept reading the word "Justice" throughout as well as, at the end, " ...halting of modern slavery.". This is am amazing propaganda piece calculated to. like those ASPCA and those "Feed the children" commercials we are bombarded with, make the reader say, "Ah" and "Oh". Well, first, lets find out if our Rosa is a legal or an illegal immigrant. Next, are we supposed to believe that Rosa has been actually forced to "clean sixteen hotels rooms a day for poverty wages"? Who and where is this "slave master" forcing her into this entry level job that, without education or training or apparently much of a driving force, is "forced" into this "modern slavery"? Are the owners of her hotel aware that THEY are now considered "Slave" drivers? Lets look at, "no affordable health care". Isnt it odd that hospitals are a glut today with people like Rosa, who having no insurance and seeing no need to buy any, are GUARANTEED first class health care BY LAW. These religious-types would have you believe that Rosas are turned away from hospitals when in need. This is the furthest thing from the truth. The Rosas are one of the reasons our medical bills are so high today. They pay nothing whilst we pay for everything they need and receive. "No voice on the job"? Is this church outfit telling us Rosa is now demanding the right to tell employers how to run their business? The entry level employees who are free to just walk away, take their place in the County queue and get free Welfare everything? Thats what they're telling us? Has to take her break in a closet, no access to a restroom, fresh air, food or water? Are you seriously listening to these people?

One fellow in the photo is holding a sign saying, "all religions believe in justice". Exactly what is this "Justice" they believe in? Is someone paying for your medical bills and insurance premiums? Not mine. Is Rosa able to get everything she wants FREE as we pay for it? No one is or has ever offered me or mine anything free. Are we really suppose to believe poor Rosa doesnt have access to restrooms, fresh air, food or water? REALLY?

For thousands of years now churchs have intimidated and forced those who have been able to move upward, beyound those entry level positions, to, ;like Obama, "Share the wealth". Even whilst those who make no effort to better themselves, educate themselves and improve their lot, rattle their tin cups and moan, "Poor me". Now, we are told, by these same church outfits, that WE are the problem. WE are the slave drivers depriving the poor Rosas of the ability to relieve herself, take fresh air, food and water. "Making" them take their breaks in a closet???

Comments will now pour in about that heartless devil who has no feeling for poor Rosa. You betcha. I have no feelings for the Rosas. I have sold most of my retirement investments and used my savings to put two grandkids through college so THEY will not rattle a tin cup and moan, "Poor Me". No one helped or even offered to help me or my my family improve THEIR lives or ours. And, because they had enough fortitude to better themselves they will become something and make their way in life. For those who are content to struggle but make NO effort to improve or to beg from churches or we the citizens, perhaps Mexico has the right idea regarding welfare. You dont work, you dont eat. Why, all Rosa has to do is complain to Obama and her troubles are solved. right? Thats why everyone voted for him isnt it? So he can steal from those who have done something and give away free to those who wont? The new American way?

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