Only a few days ago would-be comedian, full-time hate monger, Bill Maher performed one of his HBO standups. In all his speeches and bits  Maher makes a point of cloaking himself in the First Amendment of the Constitution so all the Political Correct freaks are frightened to retaliate or even respond. In most of his bits and appearances somewhere he will generally bring up the subject of Sarah Palin and spend several laugh-filled moments spewing his sewage and hate-filled thoughts in the form of his typical Progressive Socialist Democrat propaganda and atheist based diatribes, epithets, snide comments, defamations and lies (in the form of hate-jokes) to make sure everyone in his Amerika knows Palin is, oh lets see, stupid, promiscuous, uneducated and the spawn of Satan. So during this latest speech our all around good chap announces to the world that Palin is, "a dumb tw@t"!


Now in Maher's world, the use of sewer language and socialist humor is absolutely appropriate and protected by his Konstitution. So, we have an organization in the country who brags to the world that it always watches out for and protects the rights of women -The National Organization of Women, N.O.W. Marching arm in arm, banners held high, singing in full voice, these hypocrits are constantly on the watch for attacks, slights or slurs on women, WHEN THOSE WOMEN ARE PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISTS, MEXICAN, BLACK, LESBIAN and are true believers and Obama voters. Hmm. Odd isnt it that anytime a woman NOT fitting into these catagories is attacked as Maher did to Sarah Palin, there is an echoing silence and, if one listens carefully a giggling and snickering behind their closed doors. Peeking behind those doors, one would see the nodding heads, winking eyes of agreement and support of the Mahers of the world. When contacted by FOX news for comment and asked if and when they were going to step up to the plate about this issue, more silence. Then, grudgingly the Director, Lisa Bennet, responded that N.O.W. does not correspond with Fox. Oh, thats because FOX is not a radical socialist organization like their beloved MSNBC. She finally said, there, there about the Maher comments then attempted to chastise the news organization about bothering them. She, irately, told the news people that they were always trying to get them (NOW) to support and protect Sarah Palin. Why, can you imagine? Protecting a woman who opposed Obama? God! What imbeciles to imagine NOW would stoop to that???


What you are witnessing is the Socialist propaganda, hypocrisy and hatred from self righteous groups, exactly like A.C.O.R.N., New Black Panthers, Planned Parenthood and the Democrat Party, et al, who, again, wrap themselves in the Constitution - their Konstitution - and scream holy hell should anyone actually dares to challenge them or theirs. The epitome of HYPOCRISY. Like Emil Zola, I stand and accuse them of HYPOCRISY and deceit. If you are a member or support then I ACCUSE YOU!!! But, protected by their government and their Fuhrer, they continue to march to protect women's rights. So, jump into the parade and wave those red banners and little red Mao books. Sing and shout "Power to the people". Long live the Amerikan Progessive Socialist Democrat Party and the National Organization of Women. What a grand group. Are you as proud as I am? Why, I'm just bustin' my britches!!!  David Stanley

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