Water Increase Notice and instructions to protest

I know it is a hopeless effort because the rules state 50% of the rate payers have to send in a written protest in order for the increase not to happen but here is our chance to make a statement anyway.  The Helix Water Board with the exception of Kathleen Hedberg, the peoples champion, have all voted to increase your water rates while they did nothing of significance to curb the excessive employee payroll and benefit costs in the recent negotiations which of course were negotiated for the ratepayers by none other than employees themselves.  That's right, we the ratepayers had no say at the bargaining table under the leadership of Board President Verbeke and her three henchmen Richard Smith, Chuck Muse and John Linden all whom have been feeding at the public through for way too long.  To vote no on the water increase, follow the instructions below.  Any written protest must: (1) state that the identified property owner or customer of record is opposed to the proposed water rate increases; (2) provide the location of the identified parcel (by assessor’s parcel  number or street address); and (3) include the name and signature of the property owner or customer of record submitting the protest. Written protests may be submitted by U.S. mail or in person to the Board Secretary, 7811 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942, or at the Public Hearing provided they are received prior to the conclusion of the public comment portion of the Public Hearing.

Lets take a stand and let our current water board know we are not satisfied with the way they are doing business and speak even louder next November when we have a chance to vote out Richard Smith, Chuck Muse and John Linden.

Stay silent and we get what we deserve.

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Comment by David Smyle on July 12, 2011 at 8:56pm
I am on Board.  Where do I sign the petition!
Comment by DEXTER LEVY on July 12, 2011 at 6:50pm

Mr. Smyle,

You are right on target again when you indicate that the only way to solve the problem that 4 of the 5 HWD Board of Directors are not understanding that the Owners of the District (Us the Rate Payers)  “we are not satisfied with the way they
are doing business” by making our dissatisfaction known by Speaking “even
louder next November when we have a chance to vote out Richard Smith, Chuck
Muse, John Linden” who are “ under the leadership of Board President Verbeke”
is well PUT.


You have AGAIN indicated the obvious problem! And a solution, but for one thing, you again are falling into the hands of those unresponsive HWD Directors by suggesting a solution that only includes a
maximum of 60% of the Voters having a Say. You know very well that the Election
of these 3 Directors will only be by those Voters (Rate Payers) who live in the
3 Directors Districts, You & I 
(Like 40%) of the rest of our Water District (WILL NOT HAVE A VOTE)
because we do not live in their District, THIS IS WRONG and needs to be
changed, all Directors need to be elected by an At Large Vote of all the HWD
Owners (Rate Payers) not be restricted to a District by District vote only.


As has been stated several times before that District-by-District Election Needs to be changed. Please get on board and let’s make that happen so the Board is then responsible to all the Rate Payers
(OWNERS of the District) and the Directors will then be in a situation where
they should have to work for the District as a whole.   

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