Smooth, professionalism or Socialist Democrats

I hate to say it but, no wait, I dont hate to say it. I TOLD YOU SO! For weeks, no months, no YEARS, I/We have been bombarded by  a constant, 24 hour, non-stop barrage of politics. From one side we are harangued with why the country is falling into the pit, how the government is totally out of control, how teachers and unions are instrumental in the country's destruction, how massively out-of-control spending has, is and will continue to destroy the nation's economy, how a staunch non-leader is wrecking the security of America as well as the very world.  And, from the other side, a constant barrage of mockery, giggles. accusations of lies coupled with mindless spending and the basking in the limelight and adoration of fools. Now, who does one believe? For the longest time I was completely of the mind that Mr. Romney was merely an empty suit, a very successful empty suit but empty none the less regarding politics. He continues to explain, grin and give the impression of the substitute teachers we all had in school. I saw very little substance beyound his father having been a somewhat successful businessman and politician. Oh yes, he was even more successful than his late father in business, he did step in and pull the corrupt Olympics from the pit they had worked hard to fall into and finally he had been the Governor of Mass., no mean feat considering it, like California, was totally dominated by Socialist Democrats and as corrupt as own state. Yes, those are pretty good credentials. But I still saw no substance with regard to his attempts to achieve the Presidency.


On the other hand, for years I have seen NO credentials, No qualifications, No bona fides for Mr. Obama, at any time. Riding the wave of racism, preferential treatment, radicalism, blatant lies and inexplicable public stupidity, he grinned and galloped from the back alleys of his beloved Chicago, through the racist charged black wards and was propelled into the Illinois legislature where his do nothing performance won him towering accolades because of his skin colour. His boasts of his Harvard achievements are dubious and publicly questioned by his fellow students as well as the school administration and instructors yet he brags of his monumental achievements. It just never ends. This is not an empty suit. This is what happens when stupid people act stupidly and blindly click their heels, snap their salutes and scream with glazed eyes, "Seig Heil".  Oh yes, and lets not forget his Nobel Prize for Peace. Say. Tell me again what he did to obtain that beyound being black? I just cant think of anything he did before or since. CAN YOU?


So, last week we watched as this "empty suit" white man, someone who is so stupid as to really complete with the nation's black Messiah, literally wiped out the latter in debate. What happened? How could this be. We watched, mouths agape, as Der Fuhrer rambled, shifted about, seldom even looked at his competitor and made it plain he wanted to be somewhere else. Next day, no that evening, it became very clear who had won that event. AND that same night the defense strategy was formulated and talking points faxed throughout the land. ROMNEY LIED! Why, watch any news program apart from FOX. Watch any Sunday morning political recap of the debate. ROMNEY LIED! Or, there is always the Liberal's hero, Al Gore, who once again showed the world how stupid HE is.


Now, I ask you, with all the constant fact checking going on during and after the debate and 24 hours a day to find Romney's lies, and none being found (WHAT?) what is one to believe? Romney does not appear to be that empty suit any longer whilst your Fuhrer continues on, grinning, lying, spending. National Socialist Democrats rail that liars cannot be President whilst their own saviour has done nothing but since childhood - and they believe his every word. Watch, listen to interviews of Obama supporters. They have NO IDEA of his background, what he stands for, and in many cases what, if anything, he has achieved apart from Obamacare. They are all either in it what what this stooge will promise to give them but never really deliver or because they never study events but rely upon what their fellow Socialist Democrats tell them so they can echo it to television cameras.Oh, and listen to them today.  "ROMNEY LIED, ROMNEY LIED" Like good little Socialist parrots!

So, we are now on the eve of a great decision. Do we keep a do-nothing, know-nothing, racist, radical with still no qualifications other than he has been there for four years or do we replace him/it with someone with well over 2 decades of successful business experience. Someone who espouses real, actual change rather than the promised "Hope and Change". One that will not "Put daylight between the US and Israel". One that has actual ideas to correct the corruption and economic disaster that your Messiah can only blame on his predecessor and NEVER accept any responsibility. Or keep whom we have who can only grin, mock and tell his disciples the "ROMNEY LIED"?.


Finally, I am proud that this nation elected a black President. The generations of shame in prior centuries is moving into the future with this act. However, what was done should prove to even the most stupid of you that candidates MUST be vetted properly before election AND NOT BY A CORRUPT PRESS who feels tingles in their legs when their Messiah reads something from his teleprompter. In November vote. Not for colour but for common sense. At least try to set aside your "GIMME" attitude and use the brain you were given. Quoting Ronald Reagan, "Are you better off than you were four years ago"? Well?

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