SMART METER Opt-out Vote This Week on Thursday

On 4/19/12, the California Public Regulatory Commission (CPUC) will vote in San Francisco on whether to adopt interim "smart" meter opt-out plans for both SDG&E and Southern CA Edison (SCE) residential customers. The opt-outs options will likely be immediately available after Thursday, with the expected affirmative vote of the CPUC Commissioners.  CONTACT SDG&E NOW TO BE PLACED ON THEIR SMART METER OPT-OUT LIST! TELL SDG&E YOU WANT AN ANALOG METER ONLY.  1-(800)-411-7343 or (best way) email or write them by US Mail so you have proof that you requested this. SCE customers may go to for contact info. Followup after the vote, as well.


The two opt-out plans are similar to what PG&E customers in Northern CA have had available since Feb. 1, 2012. The CPUC smart meter opt-out plans are controversial and some say, gravely flawed, requiring customers to pay fees for changeout of the rf radiation-emitting smart meters, with an additional monthly fee to pay for additional costs such as for meter readers. SDG&E customers will be able to obtain analog meters (old style, electromechanical meters) while SCE customers will only be allowed to have whatever type of meter they had before the smart meter, which could include other rf-emitting meters, such as electronic, digital meters that are wireless. The plans are interim, meaning there may be changes ahead, as well. This is the first phase, designed to provide immediate relief for individual customers, while the second phase, expected to occur in June, will cover whether entire communities or multi-family housing, such as condo associations, may be able to opt-out, as well as decisions related to actual costs.

This Thursday's meeting and vote, is available to watch online or o..., also open to the public. Concerned citizens who wish to speak to the Commissioners before the vote may do so, in person, for one minute, at the San Francisco CPUC during the public comments time, starting at 9 AM. Agenda items 16 and 17 are, respectively, those containing the SCE and SDG&E opt-out proposals to be voted on. It is recommended that you watch, if you can, to see just how the CPUC handles these issues. It is eye-opening. I watched the vote on Feb. 1st, which followed several hours of pre... One Commissioner was even eating during the impassioned pleas. It was as close to Marie Antoinette et al as I ever expect to be. "Let them eat bread" was not heard, but the attitude appeared to be this: "let 'those who can' pay not to be irradiated" and "if it doesn't solve the'multiple-meter or close-proximity-to neighbors-meters' problems, 'tough luck'".

The opt-out is not without major flaws, having been crafted by the CPUC, which is viewed by many as being too cozy with the utilities they are supposed to regulate. (What else can we expect from a state agency riddled with former utility executives and employees?)

Customers looking for relief for health problems they attribute to the meters (headaches, ringing of ears, coronary problems, dizziness, sleeplessness, rf-sensitivity and other effects associated with rf-radiation exposure) or those concerned about privacy, safety, or security will likely avail themselves of the opt-out programs, if they can afford to do so. However, those who live in close proximity to neighbors' smart meters may not find total relief, nor will those in multifamily housing, where hundreds of meters may be co-located. Just this week (April 12, 2012) the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), a large national..., noting that peer-reviewed research supports health effects from this type of radiation to the level of causation. They call for a moratorium on installations and immediate accommodations for health considerations.

This is an interim opt-out, with extra fees, such as a changeout fee of $75. This may be able to be spread over three months. A fee of $10 extra per month for the meter reader, so they say. CARE customers will pay $10 and $5 per month, respectively. Some will not be able to afford an opt-out, which shouldn't be limited to those with money. State laws say that extra fees for disabled or medically impacted customers are illegal, so this for-fee opt-out may be able to be challenged later in court. The utilities are not yet being required to inform all the "rate-payers", except those on the "Smart Meter Delay List", who did not yet get smart meters. So many may never know, unless you help tell them. A flier is available to share, informing your family and friends herein, for each utility: SDG&E Opt-out Flier    SCE Opt-out Flier

Activists are pushing for a no-cost analog opt-out statewide, so everyone can opt-out, with the utilities paying the costs out of their profits for their mistakes, followed rapidly by an all-out ban on smart meters.

Facts about the Opt-out CPUC Voting Meeting on April 19th:





CPUC Voting Meeting



What: CPUC Voting Meeting

When: 9 a.m.

Where: CPUC Auditorium, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco

More information such as agenda, hold list, presentations, and remote access





AGENDA ITEMS: 16 (SCE opt-out) & 17 (SDG&E opt-out)

Public Agenda 3292 Thursday, April 19, 2012

(for CPUC meeting in San Francisco, CA)
Consent Agenda - Orders and Resolutions (continued)

CPUC judge's interim opt-out SDG&E and SCE opt-out proposals will be voted on, with customers able to obtain an opt-out shortly (or immediately), if affirmative.


Email or write to: CPUC c/o Public Advisor 505 Van Ness Ave. Rm. 2103 San Francisco CA. 94102. FAX: 415-703-1758

You may also call and/or email the CPUC Commissioners now, who will be the ones voting on April 19th, with your request for a no-cost analog opt-out and any other comments:

President Michael Peevey 415-703-3703

Mike Florio 415-703-1840
Catherine Sandoval 415-703-2593
Timothy Simon 415-703-1407
Mark Ferron 415-703-2782



WANT TO TRAVEL TO SAN FRANCISCO TO SPEAK BEFORE THE VOTE? KNOW ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THIS MEETING? It would help to fill the auditorium, to show CPUC that we care about this issue. For those present, Public Comments can be made at the start of the meeting, the signup is before the 9 AM meeting starts (be there and sign up early, 8:30, arrive late and you can't speak) and/or signup online (less reliable) It is recommended to write out the comments and plan to have what you say fit into a minute's time. Even with that short time, with many people presenting, the message is clear and gets into the record.


Susan Brinchman
Director and Founder, Center for Electrosmog Prevention
P.O. Box 655
La Mesa, CA
Smart Meter Dangers
Southern Californians Against Smart Meters
American Coalition Against Smart Meters

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