Shadows Of Times Past 

LA MESA -- Skipping through the news today I came across an article which caused me pause. Not really "just" pause but in fact visions of history I have studied for many years. The shadows and images of these memories never fail to bring about first a shudder and then a nodding of the head accompanied by yet another, "I told you so but you refused to listen".
This item bragged about the City of San Diego flaunting its new "app" for Iphones and Android devices allowing what I refer to as "Water Nazis" to photograph and provide GPS coordinates to the Governmental Water Nazis and Gestapo in the City. Yep. As you drive about the City of San Diego now YOU TOO can become a Water Nazi. In the midst of dirty cars, dying lawns and extinct landscaping YOU can now, like your predecessors of the past, report your neighbors to the authorities. Aint you proud?
For centuries governments have relied upon informers in their sphere of authority to "Rat Out" their neighbors for any and everything. This has, to a large degree, existed in those countries dictated by Totalitarian "leadership": China, North Korea, Japan up to and just after the end of the last war, certainly Nazi Germany, much of Africa even today, Vichy France and the list goes on and on. New York and Chicago practiced this activity heavily during the 19th and the early part of the 20th century with their famously corrupt politics. On and on. Today our federal government is famous for these activities. Nothing has ever been done to stop it. No one dare say a things. Think "Whistle Blowers" are protected? Hah!
So now, as we look out our windows and watch all of our expensive landscaping simply die, our lawns wither, our cars go unwashed, we find ourselves once again awash in the next door spies, the watchers. Whilst San Diego proudly announces their "spy on your neighbor" program what is La Mesa Doing? I sure hope not THIS! Once again I shout the always forgotten adage of: Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it"!
So, whilst watching the death of your beloved roses and lawn consider who is watching YOU! That car that slows in front our YOUR house, that lady strolling down the street in from of your withered home with that camera, is that one of the Water Nazis? Should you rush out and shout "Sieg Heil" and display your withered lawn so YOU wont be reported to the Water Gestapo? I'm sure glad I live here and no longer in San Diego, home of the free and land of the "Watchers"!

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