You know, like everyone else in the world, I have been following this Syria deal. That maniac Assad murdering the citizens left and right and now using chemical weapons. "News" reports are shouting over 100,000 murdered by this creature. Whew! And, on the other side of the coin is our proud and bragging "president" with his "red lines". Long time ago he/it was all over the television, looking stern whilst reading his teleprompters, telling the world about "The Red Line" in Syria. At first hearing his babbling on this business I laughed out loud. It was all brag with absolutely NO SUBSTANCE. The "news" leapt about like silly buggers about their "president" and his "Red Line".

Time passes. Assad whacks hundreds, perhaps thousands of his citizens whilst Al Queda, on the other side, does the same. Full blown civil war with a full blown Islamic state, complete with Sharia Law in the offing here. Being the tyrant dictator, like his pop before him, Assad whacks back and Obama bemoans the fate of the poor Muslims even as they just keep on killing each other.

Up jumps yet another chemical attack, complete with videos and photos of victims. The world goes wild. The "press" return to their "president" and ask about his "Red Line". Jeepers!  Silence, golf games, silence, aping for cameras, silence. The world is asking about his/its "Red Line". Was it  just the continuing rhetoric with which he/it he has bedazzled the stupid of the nation and world his entire political career? Were they forebodings of something in the future? Jeepers again.

Assad bangs his gong and tells the world that "He will defend his nation (against the Great Satan)". Silence. The Navy is moving war ships hither and yon and there is silence, oh, and delay. Do you recall years ago when another cretin, named Saddam Hussein played the same games? Do you remember George W, dithering, led by the nose by his pal Colin Powell, and playing silly buggers with the terrorists at the United Nations? Powell kept that show going for well over a month, far long enough for Hussein to get all his swell weapons moved from Iraq into Iran and SYRIA. Delay, delay, drag the feet, dither. And then, when we did go into Iraq what did we find? Not a damned thing because they were all in Iran and SYRIA! Then the socialist press and every Socialist in the nation began piling onto Bush whilst Powell sat quietly, contemplating his navel and mumbling, "Its not my fault. I probably would have done it differently. I learned all this in my Affirmative Action classes".

Present day. He/It continues to rattle his plastic sabre. But, my question is: If he/it does this thing, THEN WHAT? What is the goal here? We gonna give nasty ole Assad a good talking too, kill some civilians and snap our galluses? Calls to mind another crooked "president" calling bombing strikes on a defunct aspirin factory in Africa to shift attention of the nation away from his sexual antics. If we do what goofy ole McCain wants and arm the "rebels" (read Al Queda) whats in it for us? They still hate us and make bombs to kill us. What is in it for us? The "president" had demonstrated to the world that he is a weakling, backing down from Russia and China over and over. Now ever Britain and France are having second thoughts siding with third world America. And --- the longer he/it dithers the more time nasty ole Assad has to move and hide his swell toys again and again. Whats in it for us? Jeepers times three! Wait!  Its Deja Vu, all over again! Been there, done that. Dont we have the "T" shirt? Yes, yes. Something has to be done to and with Assad on a purely humanitarian basis but, when (not "if") we let fly those Tomahawks what then? Have you heard an "End Game" read from the famous teleprompters yet? Oh, and notice how we are privy to 24 hour coverage of military strategy and tactics on the television? Jeepers times four! You can bet your paycheck that nasty ole Assad is privy to that strategy and those tactics and far more. Whatchathink?

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