Remember what I said recently about not making this stuff up and about all I have to do is read the "news" for examples of stupidity? Well, Detroit, you remember Detroit? Detroit, which looks a great deal like one of the bombed out cities of Europe toward the end of the war, Detroit, with garbage all about, graffiti on walls, gangs roaming streets, City services all but non existent, unemployment through the roof, corruption still running rampant and, with all this the thugs in City Hall declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy which will further drive unemployed and retired people deeper into the abyss because it will allow those same thugs to steal even more of their already dwindling funds. Yep, good ole Detroit. Hey, just today they announced their plans to push forward with the construction of $300 MILLION worth of sports arena so their hockey team, the Red Wings, will have somewhere new to beat one another senseless. The Michigan Strategic Fund board approved the Detroit Downtown Development Authority's request to use economic development taxes for the project. One of the thugs speculates that a new sports complex might get people to spend more money on tickets. This when how many of the remaining 700,000 citizens are already on the public dole and struggling to buy food?

City Thugs tell the news that the owner of the Red Wings has long wanted a replacement for the 32 year old current sports arena. Well then, that makes it all better then, what?

And this is the kind of 'thinking" that goes on daily throughout the country by those idiots, those morons that YOU continue to vote into office to run cities and counties, not to mention the complete destruction on a federal level. And I dont make this stuff up.  S  T  U  P  I  D!!! With all this happening about us how long can, how long WILL places like San Diego hold out when they recognize they too can declare bankruptcy and "renegotiate" retirement contracts and then THEY can steal more money from citizens and retirees? Do you suppose they, like La Mesa, have a PBID plan for their city? Do you think their Mayor bullys employees? Wow! Tiny little similarities seem to be appearing here and there about our own county? Lets see what happy times your National Socialist Democrats will think up to make us all laugh tomorrow!.

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