I sit here and consider what I have just seen and heard. I also consider what I have seen and heard from right here in San Diego in past years as it pertains to events in Baltimore and could possibly spread right here to our own Village.

Like you, like most, I was shocked at the news of yet another man killed seemingly at the hands of police. But I even more shocked and totally disgusted at the following events wherein excited and jubilant blacks gleefully smashed yet more windows and stole their free televisions, etc. Seems these same people will just use any incident in order to steal and destroy because first: ITS FREE STUFF and second: ITS FUN TO SMASH WINDOWS AND SET CARS ON FIRE. 

I followed events and stomach turning 24 hour television coverage for ratings and greed's sake. "Reporters" grandstanding for face time. It all gagged me along with the laughing and partying blacks destroying their own community, which is almost ALWAYS the case.

Having worked in law enforcement for several decades I am well aware of many of the bad things, some extremely bad things, corrupt cops are capable of. But for the most part cops try their best, if not thwarted by their own corrupt political "leadership", to help the community. This latter group, however, are always the goats, the ones who must stand through the loudest and most often undeserved harrassment by the press and the stupid and uneducated public. I say the latter because perhaps 99% of everything the public knows about law enforcement work they learn from the stupid television shows they watch all the time.

So, we watch this young twit District Attorney in Baltimore stand before national cameras and announce all the charges against these six incredibly stupid officers. But wait a moment. She tells everyone, over and over, that the investigation is still ongoing and yet she is charging six cops, now defendants? She proceeds to stack so many charges on each officer that only the "reporters" can keep track because they are going to be regurgitating them over and over for the next WEEKS!!! Question: Having worked in the field of justice and enforcement for so many years I became pretty well versed in procedures and requirements for charging defendants and I know prosecutors DO NOT charge defendants DURING an investigation. To do so is completely premature. So...could this indeed be a "RUSH TO JUDGEMENT" and appeasement to the mob? Did this department, so eager to shout their impartiality, begin with a theory then work their "12-14 hours a day" to prove their theory or were they really impartial and seeking justice, NOT APPEASEMENT?

Hearing the account of the events of the arrest I agree, up to THAT point, that all the officers were indeed indifferent to the health of the guy and apparently ignored his claims, real or pretended, of medical duress. Why didnt they stop all actions, as required by law, almost ALL police regulations, as well common sense, and see to his claims, real of imagined? Why didnt they secure the the guy in prisoner transport van, using common sense as well police regulations the nation wide rather than just pitching him in and slamming the door? Why was he ignored, real of imagined, and the driver of the van took another call to pick up another prisoner? Why was the second prisoner processed before the first, who by that time, was apparently unconscious and possibly dying and ignored in the back of the van?

See, questions arise regarding what appears to be that rush to judgement and possible appeasement. Again, this prosecutor over and over said that this was on ONGOING INVESTIGATION yet all 6 officers are being charged, not investigated, CHARGED. In my mind all are possibly guilty of negligent homicide based upon preliminary reports of the guys handling as well as several of the other charges stacked against them BUT why are they being charged even whilst the City, County, State and you can bet Lynch, the new Eric Holder is lining up against them, whilst the "investigators" are STILL COLLECTING FACTS AND EVIDENCE?

See why I have questions? Could, can this happen here? You bet it can happen here and probably WILL given the continuation of lawlessness spreading about the country. Could it happen here in our Village? You bet it could!

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Comment by David Stanley on May 2, 2015 at 9:17am

Just an update. I notice that once again that slimy race baiter and violence promoter Al Sharpton has inserted himself into the mix. We saw this morning how the Baltimore Mayor, you remember her, the one who would not issue protective equipment to police on the line, who told the nation and the world that she had designated specific areas where her pet thugs and anarchists COULD DESTROY, who refused any early state assistance from the Maryland Governor, yeah, thats the one, I see her being lead about meekly BY THE BLACK CHAMPION AL SHARPTON and refusing to respond to any questions now that Sharpton is the official mouthpiece. Does that tell you all about the state of affairs in that DEMOCRAT LED CITY? Does that tell you who is in control? Well if not try this: BLACK RACIST ANARCHISTS WAVING THE BANNER OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND MORE PARTICULARLY SHOUTING HATE FOR ALL WHITES AND FOR ANY RULE OF LAW. "Black lives matter" BUT not nearly so much as stealing televisions and burning cars. And finally, I heard, have not seen yet, but heard of planned riots and looting in San Diego?? PLANNED? If you are a Politically Correct Liberal Democrat you will shake your head and murmer, "That poor black guy. We should do more". If you are a sane human you will probably shake your head in wonder and the coast to coast, border to border stupidity and gullibility of a political party and more specifically a race of so called Americans whose only concern is WHAT CAN I STEAL NEXT? SOME GUY GOT KILLED? TOUGH, WHERE'S THAT STORE I CAN SMASH THE WINDOW AND NO WHITE COP CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?"

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