Scientists and Philosophers tell us that most people only remember perhaps three generations in the past. Beyound that the past becomes just "history". Philosophers also tell us that so long as a name is remembered the essence of that individual lives with us in the present. That said, ponder for a time on your own past and present. Think, how many of your own relatives, your ancestors did you actually know, how many do you remember by name, what did they look like, facts of their lives, things they liked, songs they sang, who they loved, their hobbies, the clothes they wore. Our parents, well they're pretty easy. However, many of the things we even really know about our own parents are actually evolutionary memories -  memories built one upon the other until we retain a continuously evolving picture of what we think life was really like, perhaps not what life was Really like though.

As I sit and ponder this I can recall three generations in my own family but beyound that I have only old and faded photographs and snippets of things I was told as a very young child about "way back then". I consider myself fortunate as I sometimes speak with my own grandchildren and tell them these tales of four and five generations past. I show them photographs and give them facts as I recall them but, in the end, recognize that I too can only really recall those same three generations.

This makes me sad. I know quite abit of my "family history". Abit from the 17th century, more perhaps of the 18th century, a smattering from the 19th century and then quite abit from the 20th. But then how much of this history, these now factoids to me, are correct and how many fall into that area of "evolutionary memory"? I know, have been told, about my family's involvement in World War I and later in World War II. I know some of the family history, or have been told, of small incidents and events leading up to those periods but then are they real or adventures I have made myself retain?

Having said all this then, YOU consider your own past for just abit. How many generations can YOU actually remember? And, even more importantly, when your grandchildren tell their own grandchildren about their own family, about their adventures, about the loves and children and places, what will they tell them about you? Will you, wait, when will YOU become one of the old and faded photographs kept in the box in the top of the closet that when asked they will pause, scratch their head and try hard to remember YOUR name, your image, things you said and did, your hobbies, your talents.  Try to remember YOU.

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