Its great to hear the president speak, even though each time you know exactly what he/it is going to say. Today he continues to work from the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton playbook on playing the black race against the white. Today he/it told the drooling press that he related his own "experiences" to that of Martin, Could that be because at Martin's age he, YOUR president, had already been selling dope to the neighborhoods for some time? Could it be that by Martin's age he perhaps had begun to receive schooling on how to inflame a community by spreading lies? He further added that he "questioned" the "Stand Your Ground" laws. Now why is that? If Martin had murdered Zimmerman would he then defend the former, citing the "Stand Your Ground" law? He/it  said that the "Stand Your Ground" law encourages violence and added that had Martin had the gun he could have been justified in shooting ZImmerman. You know, as I recall testimony and evidence in the trial, didnt Martin throw the first punch, knocking Zimmerman to the ground, then straddle him, slam his head repeatedly into the concrete surface and pummel him repeatedly. I know I heard the witness, Goods, say that. But then why are the facts being conveniently tossed out and new stuff manufactured??? Your president firmly entered the fray throwing out his opinion that this was indeed a racial issue. Further, he/it left no doubt that he supports his goon Holder in their collective quest to trump up a civil rights violation case because a black man can never be seen being wrong, only the victim.

Remember, a black man cannot be a racist because he is black. Thats we have been told for decades now isnt it? Role reversal in the case would have surely be celebrated as a hearty "Stand Your Ground" case and Martin would have been hailed a hero. Think there would have a trial? Think we would be having WHITE riots now? Think Thug Holder would be searching for any way to charge Martin?

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