"We are a nation of laws". How many times have you heard that? "We must have civil rhetoric". How about that? "Compromise", "Work together","We are a Democracy with 'one man, one vote'", "This is the…

"We are a nation of laws". How many times have you heard that? "We must have civil rhetoric". How about that? "Compromise", "Work together","We are a Democracy with 'one man, one vote'", "This is the greatest nation on earth!", "Tolerance", "Freedom", "Human rights",am I turning your stomach yet? Have you followed the anarchy in Wisconsin in recent days? Oh, yes. Thats the correct word, "ANARCHY". Seems that when unions and other haters are in control, and dont fool yourself - they are - they become irate when someone comes along and tells them they cant continue to demand, lie, steal, and manipulate, they become a mob and pull every stupid person within hearing into their anarchy. "Oh well, look what happened in Egypt and all over the Middle East. They did it, why cant we?" Thats the exact mantle the unions cloak themselves within whilst comporting themselves in the same fashion as the corrupt governments which are being toppled in the area. Oh, I believe in Free Speech, strongly, but its the corrupt manipulation that sickens me and makes me ever stronger anti-union. They call it "Free Speech" whilst our words are always "Hate Speech". Their lies, defamation, mockery, slander, and most of the blatant hatred are screamed and celebrated. "Hatred" in every one of their sewage cloaked outings. Wait! Thats slanderous to say that! You cant say that! Yeah? These are quotes:


Chris Matthews -"...someone is going to have to shove a CO2 pellet into his (Limbaugh) head and he's going to explode"

Keith Olberman - "Without fascist hatred she's (Michele Malkin) she's a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick".

Ed Shultz, MSNBC - "We ought to rip Cheney's heart and kick it around".


Progressive Socialists can and do daemonize whole classes of people and are laughingly supported by the state controlled press. Champion of the people, Jesse Jackson compared all Republicans to Nazis and half the country to Nazi Germany and he was lauded by the press. Senators Durbin and Kerry stated in speeches that military personnel were Nazis. Julianne Malveaux, a talk show host said of Justice Clarence Thomas, "I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and he dies early of heart desease". Nina Totenburg, NPR, hoped Jesse Helms would die of AIDS. Sam Donaldson said of Reagan's inauguration, "He has to pass three tests: he has to get there, stand in front of the podium and finally, NOT DROOL:.He was applauded loudly by the audience and again, lauded by the press for his great insight! These are extremely short examples of what we hear and see daily from those pillars of Democracy, the ones who scream for civil rhetoric, those defenders of "free speech" on their part but who scream "hate speech" if someone should speak out against their hatred.


Now, look and listen to the mob in Wisconsin. Look at the signs waved by stupid children dragged by teachers and parents to fill out the mob size. What you'll see is death threats and demands, cross hairs on faces, actual sewage filth on signs and shouted by the demented and perverted demonstrators. Asked why they were there, one kid said, "They told us to come and shout this stuff". Another said, "We're suppose to do whatever the dudes tell us to". And who is directing and controlling this exercise in anarchy? Well, who do you think? Teacher's Unions and Public Employees Unions, all of whom have lied and called in sick in order to play silly buggers in the streets of Madison like they saw the Egyptians doing. And who amoungst them are willing to cut back of their benefits as all the rest of the nation is and will? Not a single union member. In fact they are demanding that their negotiation policies and procedures be strengthened. This from the people who profess to care about the children whilst using those same children in their mob. Remember this the next time you watch a commercial from teachers calling for more money, "FOR THE CHILDREN". Remember Tucson? That goon Sheriff immediately jumping in front of cameras and, with a stern face, telling America and the world that it was Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh's fault. Demonstrators, many of which could not even speak English, carrying hate placards and screaming hate and death threats against any and all Conservatives in the street, Congressmen and women spewing hatred in the halls of Congress against people having NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF IT! And what happened when the the truth was learned? Any apologies? HAH! Judge Vinson in Florida, a federal judge, declares the Obama Healthcare takeover unconstitutional and what do you hear? "Rogue Judge"," Legislating from the bench", even death threats! And those are the tame words and epithets.


Hate, hate, hate. How much do you hear from Conservatives, from the Tea Party? Oh there's another favourite target of the haters. Why must we endure these seemingly subhumans? Because of the very Constitution we hold so dear. Because a few of us still believe what those words said and meant. Because those words still control our lives. Certainly not the socialists and unions in the country who mock, ridicule and scorn what the country was built upon where not only words were used but blood was spilled to cement a nation and an idea, that one time shining city on the hill shouted "freedom". Now, that same nation is so tarnished, so bent by atheists, ACLU, socialists, self serving money grubbers, thieves, community activists (oops, careful, YOUR President is one of those) insane religious fanatics, you name it, that those that hate and would destroy us laugh madly at our childlike struggles. Only a few of us remain and we are being inundated by the insane mob of Progressive Socialists. I would say,"Hold on" but perhaps its already gone too far.  David Stanley


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