Do you remember when you were just a wee kid? I mean old enough to begin to notice things around you? Ask your parents if they remember, ask your grandparents about this.. Just thought I would start by saying that. I remember, during my pre-school days in the early 40's, seeing those bright advertisements for Wonder Bread. I liked the coloured balloons on the packets of bread. I enjoyed the signs. I couldnt read them but they told us that Wonder Bread built strong bodies 8 ways because of the added nutrients. That, in later years, was expanded to "12 ways". You know, our parents and grandparents saw the same gaily coloured wrappings and signs.

What was to become the Hostess Bakeries began in May of 1921 and continued unbroken through these generations. Amoungst other products, they produced that kid favourite, the "Twinkie". I think back on Twinkies and recall with delight that marvelous burst of rich creme bursting in my mouth with each bite. They were great. Havent eaten a Twinkie since, oh, perhaps since I was in grade school but I still remember them as a great delight my mum used to give us once in a while. Wonder Bread itself was great, with a slightly sweet, richness. And, soft! Wow! But the company began raising prices until a loaf of that great price was far too expensive and I/we stopped buying it. Just cost to darn much, over $3 a loaf. Rather sad.

Well, we achieved another milestone just in the past couple days. The union workers who produced this marvelous bread and these great Twinkies, decided to, in yet another grasp for greed, strike the company nationwide. Yep. Another mark for unions. Remember the greed infested Air Traffic Controllers Union? Well, they all went on strike and the company said they had had enough. Shutting down. After over four generations. Oh, and those outstanding examples of Amerikan workers, the union thugs and goons? Yep, 18.500 more unemployed on the messiah's plate. You see, they, the unions, are joined to the messiah from shoulder to hip and march singing in lockstep singing the Horst Wiesel and waiving their banners. Yep. Aint you proud to be an AMERIKAN???





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