I have read and re-read the McWhirter story and, as I have continued over many years, shake my head in wonder regarding "Politics". For how many generations have we witnessed this type of behaviour in political candidates? Why do, when absolutely desperate, opponents ALWAYS resort to the innuendo, the slander, the liable, the lies, the mocking, the dismissing, the demeaning, ad nauseum? Its not just here in our village politics. Its everywhere, its always. On the national stage we expect it, primarily from Democrats, even when they are far ahead in their beloved polls. And it is also expected that the recipients of these disgraceful and Kindergarten tactics will almost always respond with the expected, "Huh uh" and very little else in the form of response. Fools that they all are, those recipients of the slander will never do anything but shuffle their feet and deny, deny, deny, even whilst the gloating spewers of these hate bombs snap their galluses, stick out their chests and grin in their self perceived victories, knowing and celebrating their Clintonesque abilities of discolouring, dismissing, demeaning and destruction.  WHY? And what do the citizens, the voters do, how do they respond? Why, forever loving dispute and forever willing to accept any and all Doctor Phil and Opra visions of the world, they immediately agree with the lies and slander and cheer with the perpetrator as the recipient shuffles off, unable to respond because no one will listen anyway. Pretty sad commentary of the way things are suppose to work in this country. Pretty sad commentary on the mentality and intelligence of voters. 

When citizens like you and I have had enough and stand up in an attempt to correct some of the many things they see wrong with "the system" they must brace themselves for the onslaught of the hate bombs and lies of "the establishment" types who can and do happily pick them off one by one with their well learned and well practiced Clinton and Obama style destruction on anything NOT Socialist, not "Why cant we all get along", share the wealth, tone deaf politics. 

Because of these practices everyone, except those in office or supported by their equally corrupt backers, has such a sour opinion of would-be politicians that almost all share their towering distaste for the very institution. BUT, and its the big "but", that the haters and disparagers always count on, the ignorant voters seem to always respond to the big lies and gritty scandals invented by that same group over and over and pull the lever for them because they have been titillated by that same and similar scandal bombs.

Pretty sad commentary I would submit!

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Comment by Bill Baber on October 30, 2014 at 6:41am

That's how I voted.

Comment by Gene Carpenter on October 26, 2014 at 1:38pm
Dear Neighbor:
As proud Republicans serving on the La Mesa City Council, representing both the values of our party and our community, we’ve had the opportunity to fight for important policies and reforms that reduce the size and influence of local government.
This November, we have a tremendous opportunity to build upon our success—but there’s also a risk we may end up with a Council that is antithetical to our beliefs.
Most prominently, we’re attempting to end the 34-year reign of Mayor Art Madrid – a politician who has been neither a good Mayor nor a good Republican.
In that spirit, we are proud to support Mark Arapostathis for Mayor, along with City Council candidates Bill Baber and Guy McWhirter. This ticket will bring a breath the new faces our Council so desperately need and will carry the Republican mantle for our great city.
Please join us in supporting the reform ticket for La Mesa: Mark Arapostathis, Bill Baber, and Guy McWhirter.
Thank you.
Kristine Alessio Councilmember
Ernie Ewin
Comment by Gene Carpenter on October 26, 2014 at 11:36am

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