Well over a year ago I spoke with my wife regarding this creature in the White House. We agreed that the voters of this nation (well, what used to be a nation but is rapidly becoming a third world country) were so incredibly stupid that there was little doubt he/it would be re-elected. So, by bribing unions all about the country, by promising everything and delivering nothing, by shouldering with a Governor most of us thought was really someone who then immediately sold out to him/it, he is able to once again grin his way into fame. He once again shoulders his velvet mantle, adjusts his crown, picks up his sceptor and grins to the sycophant press and humbly announces, "Hey, I won!"

I find it totally astounding the level of gullibility and actual stupidity throughout the country. Its bad enough that the single digit IQ morons in this state elected Brown again as Governor but, having shot themselves in the foot once four years ago they, lemming-like, once again rush to the precipice and SHOOT THEMSELVES IN THE OTHER FOOT for four more years. How does one come to grips with this? How does one look about and see vacancy in the eyes of those about him, total vacancy, a lack of any indication of intelligence?

Four years ago the weak and wandering Republicans put forward and equally weak and useless candidate to compete. He stumbled and bumbled as we, the electorate, stood aghast at his and the Party's ineptness and how totally out of touch they were with reality. And, of course, some back alley thug from Chicago, with no resume, no work experience, falsified background and education records, steeped in racial hatred from within his beloved black church, constantly promoted by virtue of the government's Affirmative Action program, leapt up and grabbed the nation by the throat. Voters and other subhuman types were swept away by his Hitleresque skills and rhetoric. For four years he/it and his Chicago thugs and union goons marched the nation to ruin and he was cheered and worshipped by everyone, EVERYONE, particularly the swooning press who covered for his every screw up and promoted the religious and Lincolnesque aura they built about him.

Along comes this empty suit in the form of Romney. Empty suit to the very end. He is propped up by the Party once again and rambles all the platitudes. I suspect most Conservative voters tonight voted AGAINST Obama rather than FOR Romney. I know everyone I am acquainted with did. And it came to pass that once again Der Fuhrer, The Messiah rather easily defeated the suit.

I have spoken in the past of the sound of marching boots, the flurry of swastika faced flags and banners, the uniformed thugs enforcing his edicts, etc and, of course, no one even noticed. All were and continue to stand beside the roadway, arms raised stiffly in salute, voices hoarse from screaming "Sieg Heil" and he/it grins and apes for the cameras. Now tomorrow, we once again complain about food and fuel prices, storm victims of Sandy suffer with little of no relief from their Messiah and his minions, home prices and values continue to drop and we argue with our spouses over money we dont have to pay higher and higher bills. But, hey! Its okay. YOU did it again. You can drive about in your green cars as we watch more and more of his green companies fail whilst financed by OUR tax monies. But thats alright.

In the land of IQ's of 10 he with the IQ of 11 is the king and you just elected your king again, suckers!

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