I am just back from the Helix Water District meeting. Their agenda today was pretty large but my area of concern was their labour negotiations, etc. As I sit here I am amazed. Some 260,000 customers go to their mailboxes and extract their water bill each month. It would seem from the monumental turn out that practically all are either totally satisfied with their monthly bills, perfectly happy how the District continues to raise their rates, are all knowledgeable on how those monies are spent, totally comfortable with the way the outlandishly grand retirement and health  programs are handled, etc. The number of people standing to represent YOU and make their vain attempts to slow down the ever rising rates could be counted on ONE HAND! So, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore" really doesnt apply to any of you, does it. Next time you begin to grouse about your bills and that they keep going up, when I walk by perhaps you should keep it to yourselves? Or, perhaps its just me.We have money, they want it, give it to them!

Following Mr. Buckley and Mr. Smyle, whose presentations spoke to the very heart of the issue, I sallied forth and said what I felt about the climbing rates and their effects on the public and particularly their impact upon my own family. How their ever grasping for more of our money is impacting our daily lives. How the impact of their decisions, based seemingly upon agreeing to higher rates from above and better retirement benefits for their "union" is killing us, "we are drowning out here". You know how it is. After the fact you think of all the swell things you should have said, the finer points that should have been brought up, the heavy impacts words and ideas that perhaps could have strengthened your position. Well, its one thing to sit here at my desk and express my feelings and yet another to sit at a microphone and address a formal board. I am not intimidated by the people but by the setting and mostly by the fact that they listen courteously whilst ignoring what it being said. And, and this is a big "and", the fact that all the time I am speaking, telling about how their rather cavalier raising of rates is killing us, I realize it is really all for naught. Nothing, zero, zilch. After we leave they will say or think, "Whew, glad those clowns are out of here. Now we can get down to business. Lets see, rates, if we raise them again can we keep the unwashed at bay? Sure, no worries".

So, having thrown our pebbles against the granite wall of the Water District, we walk away and realize that it was an exercise in futility. Perhaps if some of those quarter million customers had given us a hand but, naw. To quote Alfred E. Newman, "What, me worry?"  David Stanley

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