Peanut Butter Blessings

I found a dab of peanut butter on my rug this morning.

Trader Joe's organic peanut butter.

I know this because my dog Ben loves it and has some every morning as a little treat.  I smear some inside a yellow Paas Easter Egg coloring cup and he carries it to his favorite spot on the carpet, lies down and deliriously licks the cup clean.

When I saw the leftover dab this morning, at first I sighed, "Oh Ben..."

Then I wiped it up.  And suddenly I was overcome with gratitude.

For the peanut butter: I can afford to buy food.

For the rug: I have floor to put a rug on.

For the living room: I have a house to live in.

During this rush of gratefulness, I looked outside my front door to my neighborhood.  Again I felt so blessed.

Blessed by my neighbors and the nearness of their homes.

Blessed by the shade of old trees,  eucalyptus and pine and carrot wood.

Blessed by the smell of spring blossoms and the song of birds and the sight of bees.

Some days I get caught up in the rancor of politics. There are very real issues confronting our country and our own little corner of California, and it's difficult sometimes to stay away from the din of almost constant vitriol and anger.  But then, if I'm lucky, I will be arrested by some ordinary thing, like the peanut butter on the rug that brings me back to goodness.  By which I am surrounded.  

Other days I get caught up in the sense of the economic challenges whose solutions remain for many so elusive.  But again, if I'm lucky, I will be stopped mid-worry by, say, a big old plush green frog being dragged into my yard by my peanut-butter loving dog Ben, a frog he "borrowed" from a little boy named Henry. I am grateful to be alive and am incalculably blessed by the people who enrich my life with their presence.  

So this is my thought for the weekend:

I hope whatever troubles beset those people I love, or merely know, or don't know but see, I hope those troubles fade away and that one day the biggest thing that goes "wrong" is a dab of peanut butter on your rug; because that will mean that you are able to buy food and have a floor to put a rug on, which means you have a house to live in.  And that is a very big blessing.



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Comment by Michael Cargill on March 11, 2012 at 9:43pm

Ahh, I can see an artistic flair in your work.

Comment by chris shea on March 10, 2012 at 8:26pm
I am a writer. I own a greeting card company called
Lifesighs Cards. You can see my work at
Thanks for your question!
Comment by Michael Cargill on March 10, 2012 at 8:21pm

Are you a poet Chris?

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