Patriots arise! Your duty is calling!!!

This is the enemy. Death is the only answer!!! The Federal Government has spoken.

Many, many years ago I used to go fishing with my father in Yellowstone park. I was really just a weeun and knew nothing about what I was doing but I still recall the thrill I got each time I felt a sudden tug on my line. Standing there by the freezing waters of Yellowstone Lake, I was filled with the history of the area, the brisk, cold air, the fragrance of the pine forests everywhere, the smell of the water and the fish, the lapping of the water on the rocks at my feet. My father taught me how to tie that special lure on the line. Had to be a white or a yellow "Abu", nothing else was acceptable.  Special knot, careful of the hooks, dont tangle the line. Had to make sure I always stood back just abit from the waters edge so the fish would not see me.

I had never done this before and it was a learning experience. My father completed the instruction period, watched me cast the first time then took off around the shore for a better place for himself. I am standing there casting again and again, slowly reeling in the zillions of feet of line I have thrown into the water and suddenly ... WHAM! This must be what a fish feels like. I remember how I was to suppose to set the hook so I snap the pole tip up and back and am rewarded with a jerking and jinking of my line. I can feel the fish, I can feel his exertions, his twists and tugging. Slowly, thats what I was taught, slowly I reel in the fellow, allowing him to fight. Its pretty exciting. After a short time I can see him there in the water. He's beautiful. About a foot long, shiny, speckled, a wash of vivid red down either of his sides. I gently pull him to the shore and reach down, as instructed, and lift him from the water. I feel his muscles in my palm, flexing, twisting, trying to escape my grasp. I walk back from the water and lay down my rod then remove that magic lure. My father sure know about those magic lures. I squat down with my catch and realize I am holding a wild creature in my hands. A beautiful, wild creature. A real life Rainbow Trout! Gasping for air, he continues to flex, I can feel his eyes on my own. Remember now. I am just a wee kid. My father taught me how to stun the fish then quickly clean it and place it in cool, wet moss. I kneeled there looking at my fish. I realized I could not kill this beautiful thing. I could not just cut him open the way I had seen my father and his mates earlier. His flexings slowed somewhat. Looking about to see that my father was not nearby, I gently slid my fish back into the water. Realizing he was free, my new pal flicked his tail and disappeared in the freezing water. I felt I had made some kind of connection there on that rocky shore that day in that beautiful park. I was just a kid. What did I know? A real Rainbow Trout.

I read today that the Federal Government, in its far seeing vision and knowledge, has again made a decision on how man, you remember "Man"?, the guy that gets to do what he wants to whomever or whatever and whenever? Yeah, thats the guy. Some pen headed "scientist" in the Government Park Service has pronounced a death sentence on Rainbow Trout in the Yellowstone park. His reasoning is that the Rainbow is endangering the "Native Species" and must therefore be erradicated, killed, murdered, to fulfill his own personal calculations. And, lets see. How many centuries have Rainbow Trout flashed through the rivers, streams and lakes of Yellowstone? "Man", the same guy that wiped out wolves from the park, murdered Bison nearly into extinction, introduced his own favourite species into areas which in turn has wiped out existing animals and plants. Now, all fisherman in the area are directed to kill each Rainbow Trout they encounter.

I remember that day, that first ever fish, my own Rainbow Trout. I just cant reconcile my experience with the arrogance, the smugness, the out and out stupidity of "Man", particularly any "Man" associated with government.

So, you now know the enemy and he is amoungst us. Seek him out and kill him. Say, doesnt that sound like something Big Brother uttered throughout "1984"? Your enemy is now the Rainbow Trout and this is what he looks like:

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