Just read that the Bloomberg gang in New York City has once again attacked personal freedom. Have you heard? Now, along with salt, cigarettes and any number of other things, Bloomberg has rammed through his newest law:  Its now against the law for any establishment to sell any soft drink over 16 ounces. I personally think anything over 16 ounces is a waste anyway but that is beyound the point.

A few years ago the smoking Nazis enlisted armies of greedy lawyers to attack the tobacco industry. Now, I dont smoke and really dont have a dog in that hunt but it occurred to me at the time, throughout the loaded legal twistings and afterward that, someone is going to make ALOT of money in this and it sure wont be the suckers that smoked. Even whilst the federal government was and continues to subsidize the growth and distribution of tobacco they were leaping about, beating their drums and promoting crazed mobs to demonstrate against the use of tobacco. Well, with settlements came a multitude of incredibly wealth lawyers, government continued to pump money into the industry and little else. Smokers? Naw. they were stupid enough to smoke, its on them. Then NYC decides to cut back on salt intake? And now the size of sodas we/they are allowed to purchase ( with their own money ).

In a brief review of George Orwell;s tome regarding exactly THIS subject, I note that the population is allowed only a predesignated amount of predesignated caloric intake at predesignated times and locations. "Citizens" are only allowed employment at predesignated sites for predesignated wages and are only allowed predesignated places to sleep - I didnt say "live". Predesignated "Watchers" are assigned to every aspect of "citizens" lives and those "citizens" are required to attend predesignated "enlightenment" and "education" and also required predesignated responses at predesignated points in government furnished "education/indoctrination" films. Punishment for refusal or hesitation is instant and generally fatal.

So, do you think Orwell got it about right? Did he look into the future and see TODAY? In many instances it might appear as though he did, in fact. Now, again,. I dont smoke, dont use much salt, no sugar, drink diet sodas because of the taste as well as no sugar, and many of the other government restrictions we have today but I believe I have made these decisions on my own rather than waiting for the marching jackboots of government, the middle of the night pounding on my door. I wonder what is next on their agenda. We are already being told how to vote and should you do otherwise, well, "They" just adjust the outcomes anyway or find a handy "Progressive" (read Nazi) judge who will simply giggle and overturn any popular vote.

Did George Orwell get it right? If you havent and if you CAN read, read the book and then compare to what is happening right here, right now.  Oh, and how's that Hope and Change working out for you ? Still think you're better off today than you were? Your Messiah says you are!

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