How To Survive Super Sunday

By Chris Lavin

La Mesa Today Editor

LA MESA -- The young men working the Meat Department at Vons in La Mesa were running non-stop to keep up. The $2.99 a pound pork ribs were marching out of the store and customers were waiting.

The market had the kind of buzz usually associated with Thanksgiving or Christmas as tomorrow's holiest of secular holidays started taking shape.

 Super Bowl Sunday in La Mesa, like the rest of America, has become a sort of winter festival-- a secular high holy day for family and friends with avocados, wings, ribs and beer playing the role turkey, ham and Champaign claim at this culture's more formal holidays.

As with Christmas and Thanksgiving, the gatherings we all attend on Sunday will be strong on ritual, regardless of the details of this particular game. In fact, virtually all La Mesa shoppers queried on Saturday were focusing more on the food than the game. The Chargers, as is virtually always the case, are attending the parties like the ones we all will be at and so team preference is more intellectual than spiritual in the Jewel of the Hills.

"I can't wait for the halftime show,'' was a frequent comment. "And the commercials."

Still, with the Super Bowl drawing us together -- one people, one country -- it is worth reviewing a few dos and don'ts for this annual ritual:

  • Do: Arrive on time. And by 'on time' we mean at least five-hours before kick-off. This holiday done right  starts with brunch and ends with dinner. If you don't make a day of it, you can't start with Bloody Mary's and mimosas before pouring through beer, cocktails and the eventual aperitif.
  • Don't try to spur intellectual discussions by comparing this event and these players to the gladiators of ancient Rome. Eyes will instantly roll and, if Uncle Bob is losing his bet, he may stand and punch you in the mouth. No one will blame him.
  • Do: Use the bathroom while the game is being played. The network replays any meaningful play ad nauseum, but the commercials and halftime show get just one shot.
  • Don't: Bring up any unresolved family issues. Those are best and traditionally handled at Christmas when the anger can be dulled by obligatory gift-giving.
  • Do:  Bring empty Tupperware in your car. The leftovers are always ubiquitous and even a bad game can result in fine dining the rest of the week. Say you are bringing it to the homeless shelter if necessary.
  • Don't: Bring up memories of the Charger's lone Super Bowl appearance. A discussion of dead and departed love ones would evoke less pain and the fact is the younger generation already believes that game was in the era of leather helmets and Art Madrid's first term.

And above all, Do: Think about a designated driver. We asked Police Chief Ed Aceves if his patrol officers are sensitive to the alcohol intake at Super Bowl parties.

"Yes,'' he explained.

'Nuff said.




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Comment by Jan Farley on February 2, 2014 at 10:34am
Lol lol lol, Chris. NGO '9ers! Oh, wait....
Comment by Suzanne Shea Reed on February 2, 2014 at 8:25am

CHRIS LAVIN!   haaaaaa…. some really great lines in there,.. cracked me up! 

Comment by Jack Leary on February 2, 2014 at 8:13am

Today is a fun day, reguardless of your team. Spending the day with friends and or family or both are just great.....however, I have NO sympathy for anyone who gets behind the wheel and drives DRUNK.

Friends don't let friends drive drunk!!!!  If you do, you are NOT a friend......

Comment by chris shea on February 1, 2014 at 7:06pm
Excellent and enjoyable piece!

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