After A Storm, Quiet And Hope

LA MESA -- Democracy can be frightening. It is built on a trust that the common man or woman, informed as best they can be, will choose wisely those who will oversee the power to police, to incarcerate, to tax.

And it doesn’t help that our expectations often exceed what any one man or woman can deliver. We want the winners to lead, but we want them to move while still harnessed to the burdens many of us feel. We want good decisions, even though the people often have vehement disagreements on what “good” is.

Still, in the aftermath of an election, we are like poker players who have dealt ourselves new cards. Now we must play them.

We are hopeful that Ruth Sterling can maintain health and strength as she soldiers on. That Kristine Alessio is as the voters judged her to be.

We are hopeful that, in defeat, Shannon O’Dunn, Patrick Dean and Laura Lothian find other ways to contribute, as they had hoped to, to the community.

 And we have great hopes for our schools.

With direction from the voters to support education, local leaders can only look to Sacramento to insist that we find a way to keep teachers teaching and class sizes to something close to manageable. We can’t imagine what priorities in a state supersedes the need to care for and educate our children? So we wish Bill Baber and Emma Turner well as they continue to lead the La Mesa Spring Valley School District through troubled waters. We hope the same to those leading the Grossmont Union High School District and Grossmont/Cuyamaca College as well.

La Mesa City Councilman Ernie Ewin, as he does each election, hosted a luncheon at San Filippo’s and invited all the local political players. Despite the fissures among them, most showed, and spent a few hours remembering that we’re all in this together.

If that is the final takeaway from each election, then all the talk, all the advertisements and all the angst, will have been worth it.

La Mesa, like America, faces some daunting challenges. It is comforting to know there were so many people of quality willing to lead. And comforting, too, that we could choose among them peacefully and with decency.

Onward. Upward.


Gina Garcia, publisher of, is a La Mesa realtor.

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