Well now. Janet Napolitano will leave the Department of Homeland Security. First, you remember Napolitano dont you? She is the utter deer-in-the-headlights moron selected by YOUR president to "head" the DHS. And you see what she has done or rather what she has NOT done. Hand in hand with Commissar Holder in the Justice Department, they have wrought havoc throughout the country and particularly the southern border. There continues to be a barrage of bragging about her great deeds and skills but to date, what????? Just another Obama stooge.

And now, just when you thought maybe, just maybe there was perhaps a wee bit of common sense in government, what does the Congressional Black Caucus do to further demonstrate their extreme racism and utter stupidity? Well they, along with several other equally stupid black legislators, have recommended to their black messiah that he appoint Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, of Texas, to fill the seat of the departing dummy.

For those of you who do not know or know of Lee, she has been named by Congress as "The worst boss on Capital Hill" and the "Meanest member of the House". Jackson, who has referred to herself as a "Queen", is legendary for her ridiculously stupid outbursts and her insane rhetoric. Lee once loudly and profanely belittled and chewed out a Congressional Assistant for not receiving similar office and staff arrangements as a white Congressman only because of his race  This darling shouted on the phone to the suffering recipient, "You dont understand. I am a Queen and I demand to be treated like a Queen!". She has demanded official hearings on what she deems "White Right Wing Extremists" and made insane claims that Christian Militants would destroy the country. Lee officially encouraged Obama to "rule like a dictator in the debt ceiling debate" and loudly claimed that Republicans were making that issue difficult only because Obama is black. She declared that George Zimmerman had broken his own nose in order to support his murder of that poor black boy in Florida.

I just cannot imagine a better candidate, more fitting for the Obama appointment, more racist and, yes, MORE STUPID, that this pseudo-Congresswoman. She will fit right in with the Obama agenda of national destruction and the overall lowering of all previous American standards and expectations. Yep. She will fit right in.

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