"No Bureaucracy, No Red Tape"!! Hey! Do remember those words? You know, when your Messiah deigned to visit storm wracked New Jersey and get all cuddly with Governor Chris Christie then rushed away to Las Vegas to resume his campaign? Been following the news these days? Double storm wracked New Jersey and New York has been deserted by your Messiah's much vaunted emergency organization FEMA. Wow! What happened? "No Bureaucracy, No Red Tape". But then FEMA is not the only governmental organization sworn to help and who has also just pretty much walked away. Shazam! Look who you voted for and insanely expected different results! Emergency workers began rushing to the Northeast even as the storm was destroying lives and property and many were met by union goons and thugs and turned away. "No Bureaucracy, No Red Tape". Over a week of no power, no heat, little or no gasoline for generators that were not even thought of by government, little or no water. Mould rapidly developing in flooded homes. Thugs from the police department roaming neighborhoods posting eviction notices with warnings of arrest and removal of children by Child Services should owners attempt to seek shelter IN THEIR OWN HOMES in the cold.  Temporary shelters CLOSED BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER! Private groups and church organizations are pretty much all these people have to rely upon now. But then Der Fuhrer and his thugs marched about the area, disrupting his plans to grab votes from illegal food service employees in Las Vegas. Janet Napolitano, you remember her? The one whose vacant stare oversees the Messiah's private military forces throughout the country. She tip toes through a wee part of the damage and promises immediate aid. Yep. We are seeing how that is working. So election day and you once again rush to polls to prolong the suffering. Good Job.

Could we call this perhaps the latest installment of "Hope and Change" really working for the illiterate voters?


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