Remember when YOUR President clamored, day and night,  attempting to shame and castigating the nation demanding that we "Share The Wealth"? Wait, isnt that "socialism", where everyone must suffer equally whilst the ruling elite continue to amass vast fortunes? Wait, I digress, sorry. Remember when he railed that unless Congress pass the Recovery Stimulus monster immediately our country would sink into the economic mire? Remember when half the citizens screamed, "Wait! What are you doing? Whats in this "stimulus thing", "STOP!"? And the other half nodded dumbly and said the Messiah must be right, those nasty, evil ole rich people owe us all their money, "GIMME!" So, Slick sold all the snake oil and a gullible Congress immediately gave him over a trillion bucks.  He/they began throwing money everywhere, mostly where it wasnt needed or belonged, shouting that jobs would quickly follow.  Still waiting on those jobs by the way. Who were amoungst the very first to receive the/OUR money? Why, THE UNIONS, particularly the automobile manufacturers. Obama, a staunch supporter of all union activities, stood shoulder to shoulder with the union workers, you remember the union workers? Those guys that receive huge salaries accompanied by what Slick calls, "Cadillac" health coverage and dream benefits? Oh, and have all been relieved of the burden of Obama's Healthcare coverage. Yeah, those are the guys. Two of the big three begged for bailout with OUR money, oh yes along with all those banks and financial centres that had worked hand in hand with Congress to create the, wait for it... wait for it ... "Recession". Can you say "manufactured"? Suffice it to say lots of people, and most Democrat Congressmen, made lots and lots of money from Obama's snake oil operation. 


Well, the unions and the auto makers survived, oh but they still owe zillions of dollars to us, you and me, but now that they have been bailed out-until the next time (rather like the airlines companies of not so long ago) they produce their cars, raise their prices, give pay raises to the already glutted employees, $3000 bonuses to the workers,company heads are to receive half their pay in bonuses! My head is spinning!!! We are paying more for their cars, they still owe massive amounts of "Stimulus" money to us and they are grinning and paying out gigantic bonuses to everyone whilst recording record sales and profits. Same thing with the banks, etc. Did I miss something here? We were going along pretty well, I mean I could afford groceries, gifts for my wife and grand kids, the odd trip from time to time and suddenly Washington announces plunging home prices, foreclosures, 24 hour tv coverage of the massively wealthy losing some of their money whilst speculating on Wall street, gas prices going up, groceries going up! What the hell is happening? Everything is costing more but I'm sure not getting any pay raises! I didnt do anything yet government is demanding that I give them money for the poor unions and whatnot. THEY stole that money they wanted from you and me and gave it to those poor souls, all the whilst The Messiah assumes the mantle of national conscience and paymaster. My paintings stop selling because people must decided between paintings or pork and beans, I can barely afford gasoline anymore and record profits are being reported by companies who are raising their prices and paying outstanding bonuses! MY HEAD IS SPINNING!!! Boy, I'm sure glad I didnt vote for this guy.  That would have meant that I supported the economic destruction program he and his predecessor set up for us to enjoy!  David Stanley

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