My Christmas In The Village

LA MESA -- This is my first Christmas in the village of La Mesa in my little Lifesighs Store.  Just now two little children and their daddy stepped into my store and brought me a blooming bulb as a thank you for the two little books they got from my red wheelbarrow.

There is so much goodness in the world.  So much.  When awful things happen as they did at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the overriding and crushing emotion feels insurmountable.  I am always struck by the enormous amount of resiliency people touched by tragedy possess.  It seems to be their faith in Something or Someone bigger that gently takes them by the hand and leads them through the darkness and points them to the light, no matter how much time it might take to get there.

My Christmas wish ( and my Channukah and Kwanza and every other official or unofficial celebration wish) for everyone who reads this is for peace, the kind of peace found in the faces of children smiling and shining like the sun; for joy that comes from dogs that bark and cats that meow, and parents to love, and grandparents to cherish and neighbors to wave to and strangers to smile at.  My wish for everyone is for someone to love and be loved by; for someone to listen to and be listened to by; someone to laugh with and cry with.  I wish you contentment.  And hope.

And a final thought of gratitude for all the lovely people who have walked past my store and said hello, or who have come inside and said hello.  Thank you for taking copies of my little books.  And thank you little girl and little boy and daddy for the flowers.

Thank you for being. So much goodness in the world...

Merry Christmas!

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