"Military Intelligence"   I know, I know. Its an oxymoron. In actuality there seems to be extremely LITTLE "Military Intelligence" now or at most times during our history or particularly in the present day. Generally, a case of "the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing" it seems much or most of the time. The best laid plans quite often run afoul of real time events but those "best laid plans", because of the prestige of some one with generally unearned stars on their shoulders, their pet plans prevail at the cost of the guys actually forced to carry them out.

We have been involved in war in the Middle East now for many years and the actual operations, whilst extremely costly in lives and injuries, not to mention money, have "generally" run relatively smoothly. It is, however, when those arrogant braggarts in the "Puzzle Palace", the Pentagon, become involved in the financial end of things that everything seems to fall apart. Now, where do they get these stooges who live in their own wee world and seemingly have no concept of the real world?

How many times have we read in the "news" about the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on programs, buildings, equipment, whatever, that was not needed, was not wanted, was far too expensive from the beginning, slowed by constant cost increases and everything else yet the Puzzle Palace stooges forge ahead. When I was in the military I saw this over and over and over at the ground level perpetrated by those around me in the form of, "Its not my money. The Hell with it". I witnessed expensive equipment mistreated, deliberately broken or discarded because it didnt belong to the "user" anyway and for no other reason.  And today, with the corporate greed coupled with the willingness of the military to squander Other People's Money, that same equipment cost thousands or millions more than in my day. Witness the 54 million dollar building the Puzzle Palace stooges had built in Afghanistan that the military is now not allowed to use. It will simply be turned over to the Afghans, goat herders on their best days, who will either keep goats inside or tear it down to collect money from the salvage. Witness the five million dollars just spent on incinerators for the troops in Afghanistan but not allowed to use them. These same incinerators will be turned over to the goat herders to be broken down for scrap and we write the checks! Witness the hundreds of millions of dollars the stooges once again spent to gather  numerous brand new cargo planes, again in Afghanistan, only to prevent the military from using them because newer models with swell newer equipment are becoming available and never let it be said that the military does not love to buy the latest and newest toys. Witness the walking away from hundreds of millions of dollars worth of brand new equipment, ordered, purchased and delivered, that, again, the stooges decided they really didnt need it after all and rather than bring it home they will just give it to the indigenous terrorists. "Hell, its not MY money!".

So, now the stooges once again have decided to address the spending of money - Our Money, remember - by, rather than looking at the vast waste of funds on all the new and exciting toys they can buy and play with with OUR money, attacking the retirement program of those who have served beneath these SAME STOOGES! They have decided that, rather than stop throwing away money on things not needed or wanted, they will make their big cutbacks of things that only impact the grunts and their families - Commissaries, salaries and retirement. Makes Great Sense To Me. Why spent all that money to help support the troopers and their families when they can instead have all those savings to buy more toys and facilities THAT WILL NEVER BE USED? Yep. Perfect sense and again, another example of "MILITARY INTELLIGENCE".

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