I know you have all seen the "news" reports of the wild and teary eyed woman bemoaning the pending loss of "Twinkies" on the American scene. The 24 hour news cycle makes sure that "all the news that is news" if force fed to the gullible American public, whether they want it or not. Day plus old Hostess stores going out of business, microphones thrust in people's faces along with cameras seeking "man on the street" statements regarding the loss of "an American Icon" - the Twinkie. I know, it all seems pretty innocuous if not gagging from the constant repetition but for those weak minded, sugar addicted in the listening and viewing audience there seems to be hope. Oops! Theres that word. This sad tale really has nothing to do with your messiah, I promise. We are learning that the Hostess organization may in fact be bought by a Mexican organization, Grupo Bimbo. What? My God! Twinkies will be made in Mexico? What?  Wait, wait. Untwist the knickers. This Bimbo outfit is and has been producing good products for years for North American consumers and their quality is every bit as good as the Texas outfit now going out of business.

When I still ate Twinkies, oh, perhaps sixty years ago, I dont know, I remember them as just swell. Nothing to rave about as much of the nostalgic public are wont to do in the news today but pretty swell none the less. Certainly not something to achieve "headline" status like the "news" morons would have us believe. I would believe, or I would certainly hope, that Americans have enough sense, even if the press does not, to ignore this and like mindless stories and concentrate upon the really important matters of the nation and the world. Like the murder in Benghazi and massive political coverup of same as opposed to the marital indiscretions of a retired general and head of the CIA. A looming economic disaster brought about by a massively inept Administration and Congress and supported by half the below average citizens. The Israeli/Palestinian war looming. Or, perhaps Twinkies should be the leading story these days. You can depend upon a Twinkie. You know its track record, its history. It is loved my millions, not for lies or distortions but because they are just good to eat. Simple as that.

So, goodbye Hostess and hello Bimbo. Dont be faint of heart. Your Twinkies, et al will probably still be around - with wee printing on the label: "Hecho en Mexico".  And I can probably also promise that your good ole Twinkies will probably not have a strange, underlying taste of tacos or anything else. Happy days are here again!!

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