"If you dont have any fresh ideas, use stale tactics to scare people." Frighten the old folks into voting for you so they are asured NOT to lose their Medicare. Promise to give minorities anything and everything, Hell, they're so gullible they'll believe that! Lie and cover up current events that do not support you own agenda. They're so dumb and the press is on my side anyway. Yeah, thats the ticket!  

Whom do you suppose uttered this now famous quote? Now, think about it. If you lived in or were from Chicago you'd know. If you have paid any attention to political rhetoric you'd know. If you have listened to, followed and fallen on your knees to worship the new Messiah you'd know. Yep. Barack Hussein Obama. But then he only followed/ follows the tried and true framework of National Socialist Democrat campaign strategy develop many decades ago. Which by the way, was the favored tactic of the up and coming National Socialists Democratic Party of Germany during the early 20's through 1945!!!  Why, you've seen and heard and will hear it today even on your television this very same in California Senate races, San Diego Mayoral races, ad nauseum. If you dont have a record to run on, paint your opponent as someone you should run from. Why, criminal defense attorneys have been using this tried and very true axiom and technique for generations and very successfully I might add. Testifying in many criminal cases over years, I personally witnessed them, with no actual defense or case, rip, shred and attempt to destroy officer reputations, proven police tactics and official police reports all in effort to thwart justice. And ... there are soooooo many toweringly stupid people to chose from for jury pools, these attorneys have found this to be a very successful and useful tactic. Whatchathinkofthat?  Exactly the same thing we have witnessed throughout Barack Hussein Obama's meteoric rise to power through Affirmative Action into the organization of back alley streets into marching, non-working demanders of everything, union organizer and staunch supporter, then the Illinois Legislature followed very shortly by the Federal Legislature where he did little to nothing in either house apart from strut and brag. Then into the very seat of Planetary power which he currently occupies where he and his cronies continues to brag, lie, cheat, pander, bribe, mock and squander OUR money whilst destroying a nation to its core. And what has been his record on which he brags? Why, unless you are one of the true believers and worship him daily, you can see it every day. 23-25 million people out of work, massive increase in Welfare recipients, a $16,000,000,000,000 + national deficit, your loss of massive amounts of savings and retirement, millions of lost homes. Oh, and now, read the latest? He has bribed a school a MILLION BUCKS of federal money NOT TO FIRED HIS WIFE'S BROTHER from his basketball coaching position because he is incompetent but still part of the family.

Do you hear the crashing of the boots marching? They came for you in 2007 and you screamed Hossanah! They are crashing even louder now. If you can read, have you even thought to pick up "1984" by George Orwell? Naw. Why, thats just silly isnt it? Have you looked at your 401k lately? Naw, thats just that nasty ole Romney, isnt it? Yep, thats the sound of marching you hear in the background. The screams of delight from all the stupid little girls and mindless adults as they stand at rigid attention, thrust their right arms into the air, march proudly to the polls singing Horst Wiesel and shouting Sieg Heil.

"If you dont have any fresh ideas, use stale tactics to scare people"!

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