Smyle: Local Leaders and Elected Officials A No Show on the Helix Water Increase

Only a week away from the "Town Hall" public meeting on July 21st from 6-7:30 at the community center about the proposed Helix Water rate increase and our current elected officials and candidates for the upcoming City Council elections are mysteriously silent about the issue.  One would expect our City Council to take a position on the matter like Lemon Grove does and either support or oppose the increase publicly since they are the second or third largest water user in the District but don't expect that anytime soon.  The City reported today they have not taken a position and when asked if they were, I received no response.  Not sure if the fact the HWD pays the City of La Mesa $160,000 a year towards Harry Griffin Park has anything to do with it or if the CIty just feels because they are not spending their own money but our money it just doesn't matter to them.  After all, it is just the cost of operating a city and they feel it is not their job to speak out against it, it is our job the rate payers but we are paying twice!  Once directly through our home bill and once through our taxes which go to the City to pay the water bill.  The HWD wouldn't recognize a statement from the public on the City water bill since the HWD only allows protests from the actual water payer.


Once again, the candidates from the last elections who are planning to run again and those we know are running (Jim Wieboldt and Laura Lothian) are also silent on the issue.  If they don't speak out and fight against the water increase now or the HWD employee MOU earlier, how can we expect them to fight for us when they get into office?  At this point, I see no reason to vote for either of them nor any reason to vote for any of the incumbents.  We can only hope to get some fresh faces willing to take a stand, be controversial, but most of all represent us, the tax and rate payers.  We need some positive change, not the same good ole boys network.

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