Well, you got me. Just cant hide the fact that I truly, in my heart, feel ALL Liberals and probably ALL National Socialist Democrats are insane, suffering from severe mental disorder. Just cant help themselves. Tell the most towering lie imaginable and they'll believe it and pass it on to everyone who will listen as though it is gospel. Doubt that? Listen and watch practically any "on the street" interview and pay close attention to questions and responses. You wont believe it. Most under the age of, oh say, 25 or 30 actually get their news, all their news, from comedians aping political analysts and hate mongers. And thats how they base their votes.

Well, heard the latest about one of your champion Liberal National Socialists? Mayor Bloomberg, you know, the clown with all the great ideas that he foists off on the suckers in New York? Yep, that one. He has denied all food donations to shelters for the storm stricken victims. Says the food contains too much salt, etc. He will not let anyone buy 24 ounce drinks and now he has officially removed salt from their diets, despite the fact that they are pleading for food, electricity, heat and every other basic need, even though he is admittedly a "salt o holic" himself!

"Insanity", defined, is a relatively permanent disorder of the mind. Think this applies or could it just be the old power thing? I dont know, maybe both? We know, wait, half the country knows this is the problem with your Messiah but seems it applies equally to all his other thugs as well. Arent you proud?

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