La Mesa Photographer Launches Global Network

LA MESA -- Born and raised in Southern California, oceanic photographer and La Mesa native Chris Mayer is one of six nationally-acclaimed photography experts selected to launch the new social media community,

 The Binteo platform is designed to connect hobbyists and like-minded individuals with field experts.  Mayer’s role as a photography expert is instrumental in the company’s beta launch.  In only a few days following the launch, his extraordinary work, with detailed insight into his personal technique, has inspired many new members and continues to drive traffic to  Many have been able to personally connect with Mayer through the website and seek his advice for improving their photography skills.

 Dedicated to capturing and preserving a place and time, Mayer hopes his viewers can appreciate each moment he captures and that he is able to evoke various associated emotions. With publications in Surfer Magazine,, U-T San Diego, among others, Mayer continues to share his focus and passion for the ocean and its vibrant waves. Community members on Binteo are able to view, comment and interact with Mayer along will his all-time favorite shots and top tips – beneficial for amateurs and professionals.

 Binteo aims to make it a fun, lively and engaging site. At Binteo, users will start with their personal interests in mind, rather than joining a broad social community, then trying to connect with fellow enthusiasts. The site has been in development for almost three years and has benefited from talented developers in California, Vancouver, New York and London.

 “The Binteo beta launch is a major milestone for us,” said Josh Watts, co-founder and creative director of the San Diego-based company. “We are thrilled to offer a community that connects people based on their personal interests so they could improve their skills, share, interact with and learn from our distinguished panel of experts. I think they will be impressed with the many ways they can connect and also achieve the bottom line result: getting better at Binteo. We are looking forward to feedback from users to this beta version and community help in advancing toward the final version. We are already seeing lively discussions and growth in the photography community, which is taking off even before the official announcement.”

 Interact directly with Mayer at

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