La Mesa Arts Academy Gets A Tryout

LA MESA – When, many years from now, someone chronicles the history of the new La Mesa Arts Academy magnet school, they will mark today, July 8, 2013, as its unofficial birthday.
On Monday morning, 60 students and parents gathered in the gymnasium of La Mesa Middle School and began a one-week summer conservatory that is being operated with the philosophy of the new magnet school that is not scheduled to officially begin classes until August of 2014.
This week, teachers Dr. Mark Arapostathis, Jon Hayman and the LMAAC planning team are hosting a week-long camp that will teach a mix of theater, music, visual arts and industrial arts classes. Those subjects are the backbone of the new magnet program this team is developing to create the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District’s arts-centered program recently approved by that district’s board.
In addition to those core courses, the camp students will receive a daily snack and lecture on culinary issues provided by Terra, the El Cajon Boulevard restaurant that specializes in sustainable, farm-to-table food sourcing.
Arapostathis said the new magnet school is hoping such a partnership can be part of an effort to build a culinary arts element into the new arts magnet program, perhaps in partnership with similar high school and junior college programs.

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Comment by David Stanley on July 8, 2013 at 5:05pm

As an artist myself, I am very enthusiastic about this program. I look about me daily in my travels and see outstanding artistic abilities, wasted, totally wasted. I see graffiti on the sides of structures, some of which shows outstanding ability if totally wasted and destructive. I know young people who, in idle moments sketch and doodle with outstanding results. Many, perhaps most of us have innate artistic talents but most never develop them. And develop them they must through practice and repetition. Some seek art classes at schools and community colleges but most just never do anything apart from the occasional doodle. Kudos for this staff willing to work with these young folks and help them move beyound mere curiosity about art to perhaps, hopefully, full blown recognized artists.

Comment by midge hyde on July 8, 2013 at 12:11pm

I am so happy that this kind of program is taking shape here in La Mesa. As all creative people must see the absolute science based benefits of using the right side of the brain in a variety of ways can only be a good thing for all of society.  Midge Hyde Artist Curator/Director On the Edge Gallery at Biz Center La Mesa

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