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Hearts Go Out To School's Supporters

LA MESA -- There is a lot of change in the air at La Mesa Middle School these days.
The La Mesa Arts Academy is about to cause a mini-enrollment boom even as fundraisers are not far from breaking ground on a $9-million state-of-the-art Boys & Girls Club that will be located right next door to this school.
So on this Valentine's Day 2014, the teachers, students and staff of La Mesa Middle decided to send bouquets to the community -- in the form of an appreciation breakfast, dubbed "The Heart of La Mesa,'' for many of the people and community groups that have been rallying around the school these days.
Students formed a human tunnel outside the school's community room on Friday morning and greeted each guest with cheers of appreciation before escorting them into the decorated reception.
There the Middle School Band serenaded as the school's performance choir entertained as student-created Valentine cards were delivered to Board members, police officers, donors and parent volunteers who have been readying this school for its coming growth spurt. Representatives of the Journey and Crosspointe Life churches were in the audience, recognized for their frequent support of school families and efforts.

Brian Marshall, superintendent of the La Mesa-Spring Valley district, made his way through the tunnel and was greeted by the school's mascot. "We have a lot going on,'' he offered as he came up for air.

Marshall and his administrators are in the midst of negotiating a 50-year-lease for the school district land nearby where the Boys & Girls Club will be located. The club will immediately improve this campus' athletic facilities and extend services to more than 400 students a day well after the normal school hours.

Among the honored guests Friday morning was Jerry Fazio, the chief fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club, who has already raised more than half of the $9-million the it will cost to build the new facility.

August's launching of the new La Mesa Arts Academy magnet program at La Mesa Middle is expected to instantly swell student population as more than 500 families have already applied for admission to the new, arts-based curriculum program.





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