Signs Of The Coming Season

LA MESA -- A sure sign of the warming of the political season is the first complaint to City Hall about political signs.

Like Christmas decorations appearing before Thanksgiving, the arrival of the yard signs in the summer months strike some as too early for a November election. But like Christmas, the advertising for the big election events start earlier each cycle, or so it seems.

City officials this week were reminding residents that there is no limit to when the small yard signs (like the one above) can go up. However, the larger billboard-like candidate signage is subject to the city's sign ordinance.

The ordinance limits the larger political signs to just 45 days prior to a general or special election.

Yard signs for La Mesa mayoral candidate Mark Arapostathis have been springing up around town, but a few of his supporters got a tad premature with the bigger signs and had to take them down this week.

"We e-mailed them as soon as we heard and they were down within two hours," Arapostathis said. "It's nice to see their passion, however.''

City Manager Dave Witt is also reminding campaign managers that there is a city permitting process for erecting political signs, but that there is no fee. "It is really just a way for us to know who to call if, after the election, we have to take the signs down and they want them back,'' he said.

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Comment by David Stanley on August 6, 2014 at 7:42am

In the military this phenomenon is called "Mission Creep:. Established parameters expand. Probably, within a very few years, Christmas decorations and sales of century will be nearly all year long as will political campaigning. Ah, but then the latter is happening now and has been for the past 6 years. Your president never stopped campaigning and raising money, Has He?

Comment by Lisa Moore on August 5, 2014 at 2:24pm

The political season is off and running!  I'm sure there will be more complaints on signage......I say just let the process work it's way out.   Maybe a little control on the "larger" signage, and I am sure the city has that under control.   The important thing is to know who to contact from the various campaigns when it is all over and the signage isn't coming down in the allotted time period.

By the way it has been reported that there is already Christmas stuff in some of the big box stores in North County!!!   So it's never too early to advertise whether it be for Christmas or political candidates.

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