La Mesa Police Officers' Association Solicitation

Just today I received the annual solicitation from the La Mesa P.O.A. I cannot help but wondering how many recipients of this same solicitation are going to reach for their checkbook without considering the fact that the L.M.P.O.A. is actually the recognized (by the City of La Mesa) bargaining agent/representative of the Police Department's officers.

So, here's a union, coming to non-members, with hat in hand asking for support? The very same union that is probably at least partially responsible for some of the pensions that are crippling this great city? We have a great police department, and these officers have a strong union. If the union/La Mesa Police Officers' Association needs more operating capital, let them raise the union dues and have the officers support their union. After all, they are receiving the union benefits, not you and I.

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Comment by Dennis S. Twiss on November 11, 2010 at 10:24am
Jeff, isn't this letter really produced and sent by the "Direct Mail Marketing Experts" New Equity Productions, Inc. out of Newport Beach, CA? And, isn't New Equity Productions, Inc's self-proclaimed specialty fund-raising for P.O.A.'s? By the way, what percent of each dollar received by the LMPOA will go to New Equity Productions, Inc?

I never claimed or even suggested that the solicitation letter was not legitimate, I know that is legitimate.

Do you think that the citizens might possible feel differently about to the LMPOA if they were genuinely informed that the LMPOA was indeed the union?

Jeff, in quoting my blog, you left out the words "partially responsible". I did not nor will I ever characterize the departments pensions as being the sole source of the costs of La Mesa's pension problems.

Ok, the LMPOA has made concessions in their negotiations. But, I doubt there would have been these concessions made had there not been excesses in the budgets that could be pared off. I wish that everyone that votes here in La Mesa would read the current MOU between the city and the LMPOA, I believe that many would feel there were some excesses.

Jeff, what percent of your dues are earmarket for your philanthropic programs, such as Officers Helping East County Youth? Similarly, what percent of the funds raised, anfer New Equity Productions, Inc's cut is taken out, are earmarked for your various outreach programs.

It's my belief that in this economy, people want to make sure that any money's given to any entity actually are used to do some good - and not having that information immediately available will probably continue to be a stumbling block to fund-raising efforts

And Jeff, thank you for respecting my choice to not support your union and the likes of New Equity Productions, Inc.
Comment by Jeff Raybould on November 11, 2010 at 9:30am
Dennis, Thanks for posting this blog because there have been some questions coming in at the police station as to if this is a legit letter. The letter is 100% legit and is sent to you from the LMPOA. There have been some reports that people are getting a phone call asking for donations from the LMPOA. These phones are NOT from the LMPOA and NOT authorized by the LMPOA. So please do not give any of your personal information to anybody over the phone. If people want to donate to the LMPOA you can do so by returning the letter, dropping a donation off at the police station, or by going to our website,

Now let me address your concerns in your blog. "Pensions that are crippling this great city?" Dennis, I question how educated you are about these pensions and the history of the pension program with the city. Regardless of that, the LMPOA has worked with the City in addressing this issue over the last two years and we have made concessions. Concessions that we understand are necessary and for the better of the city. In fact, we were one of the first ones to go to the employee paying their entire portion.

"Let them raise the union dues and have the officers support their union. After all, they are receiving the union benefits, not you and I." Dennis, I again question your knowledge on what our union dues go towards and what our union dues are. Our dues not only cover our necessary insurances for each officer, but also goes towards supporting the public. We are not only here to help/support our officers and fellow officers in their time of needs, but also the public. We give back to the public more than you can think. We have a program that is entitled Officers Helping Easy County Youth that we have sponsored over 50 kids over the last two years. We provide two scholarships each year to local students. We support other nonprofit organizations that affect the residents in the city. I could keep going on and on Dennis, but I don't feel I need to justify our donations and expenses to you. Just know that because we don’t have huge egos and send out press releases every time we give back to the public, we are doing a lot behind the scenes.

Of course you have the choice not to donate and I'm completely happy with your decision either way. All I ask is that before you post all your blogs you are at least educated on the entire topic and not just what you want to know.

While we truly appreciate the donations from the public and understand times are tough for everybody, we thank the citizens of La Mesa for their continued support.

Jeff Raybould
President, La Mesa Police Officers Association

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