A Quiet Night In The Local League

LA MESA -- Local government, as a sport, would be baseball. It's a long season and not every game can be exciting.
Tuesday evening, the La Mesa city council moved through a routine agenda that was more about the details of governing than resolution of any great new policy issues.
Among the issues handled:

-- City Manager Dave Witt announced that night-time construction would be discontinued on the downtown Village streetscape because of noise complaints from nearby residents. That work will be moved to daytime hours and won't delay the project, he said.
-- The council voted 5-0 to ask the Parking Commission for a report on the impact of turning off the downtown parking meters during the reconstruction of the Village streetscape. The issue will return at a later council meeting.
-- After a short series of public speakers (see photo above) the council repeated an earlier 4-1 vote in favor of treating e-cigarettes like their tobacco cousins and applying the same limitations for public and indoor use. Council member Kristine Alessio again voted no, this time simply citing George Orwell's 1984 rather than repeating her indoor smoking to demonstrate her point.
-- The council also began the process of repealing a local ordinance that limited the movements of convicted sex offenders. A recent state appeals court ruling had rendered the ordinance unconstitutional in its current form.
-- Mayor Art Madrid informed the council that private donations to the city would fund the purchase of a public clock which staff will work to locate in the appropriate place.
-- Council member Ernie Ewin demonstrated the city's new public accounting system that will allow voters to see at each meeting how much public officials are spending on travel and official city duties.

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Comment by barry tarvin on July 24, 2014 at 9:02am

So, at the next meeting the council will bring up the move to ban cologne and perfume from out local restaurants. We don't want any smells not associated with our food.

I understand that governments around the country have moved to classify  E-cigs as tobacco products. Perhaps it would have been wise to wait until there is some science supporting this move. E-cigs are helping lots of citizens quit smoking, which is more important than some odd smelling food. Council member Alessio is to be commended. 

Comment by steve sund on July 23, 2014 at 11:39am

The prime responsibility of elected officials is to insure public safety.  I applaud the 4 council members who voted to apply the same laws to e-cigarettes as we now have on tobacco.  In the same way that there are traffic laws and building codes, these laws protect the citizens of the community.  Like them or not.

When I go to BO-beau the only vapor I want to smell from the table next to me is the ones emanating from the Brussels sprouts. 

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