Council Will Weigh Parking Commission Advice

LA MESA -- The City Council meets today at 4 p.m. and will take up the issue of whether parking fees should be eliminated during the downtown Village streetscape project.
The topic has become a hot one since the pain of torn up streets and limited access to businesses has started hitting merchants' bottom lines.
Council members Kristine Alessio and Ernie Ewin won unanimous support of council in asking the city's Parking Commission to review the proposal and make a recommendation to the council.
However, the Parking Commissioners felt that if parking meters were turned off, a small number of motorists could tie up the spots throughout the day and limit access to the businesses.
Jim Wieboldt, one of the Parking Commissioners, said the panel discussed the issue for more than two hours and came to the conclusion that there was no compelling reason to lose revenue that, among other things, helped fund the streetscape project itself.
Wieboldt said that no members of the public and no members of the La Mesa Village Merchants Association attended the Parking Commission meeting to ask that parking charges be suspended.
"All we have is (the council) asking us to consider it,'' he said. "We did and we didn't think we would recommend that.''
Wieboldt said the commission also considered allowing two-hours of free parking with the meter enforcement staff marking the tires, but again came to the conclusion that just a few cars could tie up all the spaces and hurt business.
In the end the council makes the final decisions.
The meeting is at 4 p.m in the council chambers on Allison Avenue. Click here for the full agenda.

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Comment by La Mesa Today on September 9, 2014 at 4:12pm


I think the difference here is in how one credits the initiator of an idea versus the eventual outcome. We should have been more complete iin the attribution. You and Mr. Ewin proposed and the full council, as you point out, acted in full and in agreement. We will adjust the story to reflect that full detail.


Comment by Kristine Christensen Alessio on September 9, 2014 at 3:41pm

There you have it Chris, "Kristine Alessio" did not ask.  Councilmembers Ewin and Alessio put the Agenda item on and if you check the minutes you will see the full council asked the Parking Commission to study the matter.  Perhaps Commissioner Weibold needs to pay attention to what he says.  His statement that I asked is false (it was the entire Council).  His allegation that I was at the Parking Commission asking is false (I wasn't there).   If you want to continue to run a factually inaccurate article that is your call.  Should the Council decide tonight to waive the fees, I hope you credit the Council as a whole.  That's how we do things, as a whole.  One Councilmember doesn't get to make these requests.

Comment by La Mesa Today on September 9, 2014 at 2:18pm


Perhaps the city's documents are incorrect. I based the origins of the idea on the July 22 City Council agenda packet attached. If that is incorrect, we'll adjust the story. Sorry for the miscue:

Comment by Kristine Christensen Alessio on September 9, 2014 at 12:22pm

Correction to the story.  This was not my effort.  The original issue was agendized by Councilman Ewin and I.  THE ENTIRE COUNCIL ON A 5-0, not me voted to direct the Parking Commission to study the issue.  I hope this publication corrects this story to accurately reflect the facts.  I was not in attendance at Parking Commission hearing either.  I do not know what Mr. Weibold is referring to that I asked. 

Comment by Timothy F. Bryant on September 9, 2014 at 12:04pm

How much money do those Parking Meters downtown actually generate?   Not Much is the answer...

The City of La Mesa is so concerned about losing a tiny paltry revenue from the Parking Meters that the local Businesses are going to suffer once again...   When are our City Government Officials going to realize that Parking Meters drive business away ?

La Mesa wants so desperately to look like a big major Metropolitan City...   After all, every Big City has to have Parking Meters otherwise they will be looked upon as a small town.   I happen to like small towns and I think that these Parking Meters are a complete waste of funds and energy.  Why does the City of La Mesa require TWO "Parking Engineers" to collect coins???

Everyone that I know prefers to shop in communities with NO Parking Meters...

Comment by Susan Taylor on September 9, 2014 at 11:52am

Surely the city can do the right thing and shut the meters off for the next 14 days or so and then re evaluate how the progress on the streetscaping has progressed.  Just do it, no blame game required.  It's  a small gesture that will benefit shops and shoppers alike.

Comment by Susan Taylor on September 9, 2014 at 11:50am

The street is such a mess right now.  Surely the City of La Mesa can shut off the meters for the next ten days or so and then re evaluate.  No blame game required, just do the right thing.

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