Medical Marijuana Supporters Targeting La Mesa

LA MESA -- Proponents of medical marijuana clinics have delivered more than enough signed petitions to City Hall and city officials will have to submit the proposal to directly to the voters for consideration at the next general election.
According to the City Council's supporting materials for Tuesday's council meeting, proponents of allowing medical marijuana clinics within the city limits delivered 6,958 signatures, far more than the 4,561 required to get an initiative on the 2014 La Mesa ballot.

A similar proposal was just defeated in Lemon Grove earlier this month by a 63 percent to 37 percent vote, but proponents of medical marijuana may have two years to garner support among La Mesa locals for the proposal and this issue is a moving target.

Several states earlier this month voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana, essentially putting it on a par with alcohol. However, the possession and sale of marijuana remains illegal under federal law and it is not clear how the federal and state law enforcement officials will manage the changing public sentiment toward the herb.

La Mesa officials are sending a copy of the proposed proposition to the local U.S. Attorney to make certain federal officials are fully informed of this additional local manifistation of the marijuana legal struggles. Full wording and city documents can be found in the supporting materials of the City Council agenda by clicking here.

The City Council meets Tuesday at 4 p.m. for what is now a lameduck session. Council member Dave Allan will leave the council after his final meeting in December. He chose not to seek re-election and will be replaced by election victor Kristine Alessio in January.






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Comment by David Stanley on November 14, 2012 at 11:38am

From 1966 to the middle of 1999 I combated this scourge and scourge it certainly is. Like the homosexual agenda, the marijuna proponents just continue on despite constant setbacks and blocks. And, like the National Socialists, they will just keep on pushing. Their playbook emphasizes "dont stop just because most people reject it". They want to smoke their dope and, under the guise of "medical marijuana" they are and will continue to smoke, grin and chase munchies. The "Medical Marijuana" gimmick is just that, a way to circumvent the law so they can giggle and toke up, nothing else. The West Coast has and will always be the hotbed of scofflaws and layabouts and the attorneys, who will, like always, be the gigantic winners in all this, along with the government in the form of taxes. We can shout "NO" but, like gay rights, it will be here. If not today then tomorrow. What follows the free and recreational use of marijuana? We are on the eve of becoming Amsterdam West and can do nothing about it!

Comment by chuck dunn on November 12, 2012 at 6:12pm


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