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LA MESA -- Six years ago, we founded La Mesa Today in a time when the news media landscape was changing rapidly. The San Diego Union-Tribune was downsizing, smaller, local papers were also in decline and TV news was struggling to produce local news content. We saw a need for a new community service.
La Mesa Today's model -- which included a mix of professionally produced journalism and contributions of stories, calendar items, photos, comments and videos from our members -- helped increase the amount of truly La Mesa-centric news, but, more importantly, gave the community a safe, civil place to manage its own information. And the community no longer had to wait for delivery of the next day's newspaper or the evening news, La Mesa Today has been able to publish news virtually anytime it happens, delivering news alerts into cell phones and home computers to an increasingly large percentage of this city.

Our motivation was not money, but public service. Our effort was driven by a desire to help local businesses and institutions that shared our goal of improving life in the Jewel of the Hills.

Today, however, La Mesa Today is in transition. Its founders are moving on to other endeavors and are seeking new, civic-minded management to keep this civil, La-Mesa centered place on the Internet vibrant and full of important and interesting information. More details on its future stewards will be shared as they become known.

For now, for the thousands of La Mesa Today members who have become accustomed to seeing your community's news front and center in this space, we encourage you to keep in touch. Keep sending in your calendar items and engaging, when so moved, in the debates of the day.

La Mesa, we believe, is in a crucial time in its history. Just 100 years old, it finds itself at the true crossroads of life as it is developing in one of America's fastest growing regions. Crisscrossed by major highways, bus  lines and an improving trolley service, this community could find itself creating a new mix of small-town America (where this community's heart has always been) and a new, human-centered form of urban living (where its future may inexorably be pushed by economics and demographics.)

While circumstances are taking La Mesa Today's founders in new directions, we feel it is crucial that a town  maintain its own cyber-town square. That is what La Mesa Today has endeavored to be. We thank you for allowing us to play this role in a community we called home for more than a decade. We will visit often -- both in person and on-line -- and will hope that the city's leadership can weather the fiscal challenges and growth issues while maintaining what has made La Mesa such a wonderful place to live.

Stay tuned.

Gina Garcia, Publisher

Chris Lavin, Editor

La Mesa Today

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Comment by Ernest Ewin on July 31, 2015 at 9:09am

Gina and Chris,

Thank you so much for this "gift" to La Mesa. It is wonderful that we part as friends but hope you will find your way back here to say "Hi!" from time to time. Looking around, LMT was fair, balanced and pushed back when necessary...but above all it allowed/enabled us to see ourselves as perhaps we really are. Yesterday is Today but not Tomorrow.

Now, who can/will answer the call?


Comment by Elaine Arapostathis on July 26, 2015 at 7:00pm

 Good luck with your next adventure you are missed in La Mesa. I hope to see you when you visit.

Comment by chris shea on July 20, 2015 at 1:06pm

It's no secret how much I have enjoyed blogging on La Mesa Today.  The online paper was fresh and informative and not without its delightful squabbles and differences of opinion to give some texture to the Village and its many voices.  Looking forward to seeing you two when you come back to visit.  Be well and happy.  And thanks for the opportunities this forum afforded me here at Lifesighs Cards on the boulevard.

Comment by Judith Piper on July 20, 2015 at 7:00am
Thank you Chris and Gina for your innovative and vibrant contributions to La Mesa with La Mesa Today. I wish you well on whatever new endeavors you undertake.

I am wondering if local college journalism students might be interested in taking on this news vehicle as a project for their own growth and for a contribution to the community. Cuyamaca, Grossmont and SDSU might have such students. I certainly hope La Mesa Today will live on. Thank you again.
Comment by Judith Piper on July 20, 2015 at 4:26am

Thank you Chris and Gina, for your vibrant contribution to La Mesa through this online news center.  I'm hoping there is a good future for "La Mesa Today" even though you will both be sorely missed.

I'm wondering if journalism students at SDSU or Cuyamaca or Grossmont College might be interested in taking on this project as a community service and/or practice medium.  At any rate, I am going to miss your refreshing commentaries.  Best wishes to both of you.

Comment by Gary Junker on July 19, 2015 at 8:29pm

Sad news. La Mesa Today was/is my primary source of local news and events. I have read and contributed to LMT on many occasions and have found it to be a great release for the pent-up photojournalist in me. I have enjoyed working with you Chris and hope to do so in some way in the future. You will be missed and best wishes to you both.

Comment by Lisa Moore on July 19, 2015 at 4:09pm

Gina and Chris.....such sad news :-(    I have thoroughly enjoyed La Mesa Today and have discovered a number of things about our ":village" that I didn't know about, even after moving here and building my home 40 yrs. ago, running a business, serving the community as a member of a service organization and getting to know people via LMT!!  I "loved" the political season and all the back and forth among the subscribers :-)  I hope for the sake of our little town that someone will take over and continue LMT allowing us a venue to express our thoughts, share our stories and even get embroiled in the next "silly political season".  Good luck in your new ventures!!! 

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