New Brewery, Entertainment Center For La Mesa

LA MESA -- The family that has owned a declining Fletcher Parkway shopping center is about to turn things around -- in a big way.

Aaron L. Dean, whose family has owned the Souplantation shopping center at 9160-9188 Fletcher Parkway, has submitted plans to the city to literally transform the modest shopping center into Depot Springs.

Dean and his architects have sketched out plans for a restaurant, brewery and entertainment venue that could add new life to what has been a functional, but struggling retail venue for northeast La Mesa.

The plans, shown in architectural renderings here, would add a 200 seat entertainment stage that Dean said will be used for family-friendly entertainment -- largely amplified acoustic folk music.

"We want a place for our friends with kids to come and enjoy,'' Dean said. "We are La Mesans and we value the family life of this city. We want to add a family-friendly place -- good food and good music.''

The project is being reviewed by the City's Design Review board and Dean hopes construction on the project can begin early next year. Several tenants of the strip-center have left recently, including the popular Parkway Bar, but Dean said the Parkway's management will be helping handle the entertainment aspects of Depot Springs when it is up and running.

The plans for a new brewery in La Mesa is part of the trend started when the City Council changed zoning ordinances to allow the micro-brewery and micro-winery industries to come to the Jewel of the Hills. Brewing beer at restaurant locations is a popular new trend throughout San Diego and Depot Springs would be joining brewery and winery locations now open in the Center Street area of La Mesa.

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Comment by Jenn Nipper on December 27, 2014 at 2:00pm

Parking?  Get off your butt and walk!  Plus, if it's a beer house, you shouldn't be driving anyway.  That's why the Gods invented Uber. 

Comment by cathy zmijewski on December 27, 2014 at 10:09am

Love the Idea!

Can't wait to have a beer there and listen to some good acoustic jams!!

Comment by John C Schmitz on December 22, 2014 at 11:54am

All the more reason to hope that parking improvements are part of the improvements.  Happy Holidays to all!

Comment by La Mesa Today on December 22, 2014 at 10:13am


In response to a number of questions from readers about the other tenants in the center, Mr. Dean responded with this note about the project's impact on remaining tenants:

Only 4 tenants were effected, State Farm, Discount Store, nail salon and Parkway bar. The other tenants are staying. 
Michael's is not Mr. Dean's tenant and will simply benefit from improvements in the remainder of that shopping area. 
Chris Lavin, Editor 
Comment by John C Schmitz on December 21, 2014 at 3:24pm

All well and good, but lets hope the plans include MORE PARKING!  Anyone who had been to the shopping center and to Souplantation at dinner time knows what a zoo that can be.  I wish the new venue all the best as long as it factors in customer needs and not just the cheapest way to get more tenants.

Comment by Suzanne Shea Reed on December 21, 2014 at 10:43am

EXCELLENT to hear!  I hope it gets the go-ahead and proceeds quickly.    As a long-time San Diego musician, who is still out there playing music each week (my career going on 50 yrs now!  so weird to see that in print),   I love hearing this new Center will also include a 200 seat music venue for acoustic music!  

I stay very connected to the acoustic music scene here in San Diego and we have an abundance of mega talented singer/players out there,  from new faces to the long-timers. Parkway Bar was just getting into presenting  acoustic music  and creating a wonderful roster of musicians/singers when given the word they'd need to close. So,  I'm very happy to hear they will help facilitate the new Center with the entertainment!    

BEST OF LUCK to this new Center unifying a cool brewery  and cool music!  If it's done correctly,  and managed very well, it could be a boon to east county.    

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