A New Moon Rising 

LA MESA -- Even as plans for the overhaul of La Mesa Village's streets begins, the struggle to keep retail alive along this historic avenue continues.
In recent months, the Candy Castle has ended its sweet run, but just across the street a new and unique retail shop is opening. Amethyst Moon, a spiritual, healing and gifts store that has enjoyed much popularity at a challenging El Cajon location is opening just across the street from The Regal and Bo-Beau Kitchen + Garden. The owner's investment in re-doing the outside of the store is admirable and perhaps sets a bar for other retailers looking to make a go of it along the avenue.
While a new age store may not be everyone's cup of tea, on an avenue that has been gaining lower-traffic realtors and finance companies and losing higher traffic retail, all innovative retail endeavors are an encouraging sign.
The real test of retail's future viability along streets like La Mesa Boulevard, however, will come when the city's $5-million investment in new streets, sidewalks and amenities are in place a year from now.
If scenarios found in other, typical city investments in infrastructure play out here, you can expect the new streets to attract more traffic, rents to rise and, perhaps, the area will become more attractive to more and better retail.
The addition of Bo-Beau Kitchen + Garden and shops like What A Dish! and now Amethyst Moon are hopeful signs, if they can attract and sustain sales.

There's something to hope for.

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Comment by Shannon O'Dunn on April 18, 2014 at 11:33am

Welcome to new neighbors Amethyst Moon. We are glad that you have chosen La Mesa Village. Your facade looks super, and I look forward to working with you as a colleague!

Shannon O'Dunn

O'Dunn Fine Art

Comment by Michael Cargill on April 17, 2014 at 8:05pm

Oh this is nice! La Mesa is finally coming of New Age!

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