The Interview: Save Your Money

LA MESA -- A La Mesa Today member was among the first to download The Interview, the comedy that was at the center of recent Internet hacking episodes with SONY Pictures. She offers this quick review to help guide film choices for holiday.

It insults the intelligence of anyone stupid enough to pay $5.99 to watch it (that would be me). It's one hour and 52 minutes of mostly adolescent humor, gratuitous gun violence, racial profiling, coarse bodily function mishaps . . . and a puppy.

Like "Inside Llewyn Davis," which used a cat, throwing a puppy into "The Interview" is a desperate attempt at tricking the viewer into caring about something on the screen. At least the cat in that other film had the sense to bail before it was over. The puppy here has no such luck.

It's an embarrassment on every scale imaginable, and how it became an international incident is beyond belief.

Spend your money on something else -- anything else -- but don't waste it on this.

Merry Christmas!
Christine Lavin 

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Comment by Marie McLaughlin on December 25, 2014 at 9:23pm

We watched it at home today too.  $5.99 was a lot better than plunking down around $12.00 per person at the movie theater.   Gave us the opportunity to comfortably nap through it too.  Pretty lame but mildly entertaining.

Comment by Batman on December 25, 2014 at 10:03am

"...insults the intelligence of... stupid... adolescent humor... gun violence... racial profiling... coarse bodily function mishaps... throwing a puppy...".

And how is this different from everything else Hollywood produces?

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