Are you following what YOUR infamous black, Socialist president and his band of thugs are peddling today? You remember all the furor regarding the IRS and its typical anti-Conservative activities. You remember the NSA spying on Americans issue and do you even remember the Benghazi murders that YOUR president continues to lie about and cover up? Well, the latest blast from your hero and his band of thugs is: "Those Phony Scandals". Yep. Say, do you recall a character from the past named Josef Goebbles? You remember, the little clubfooted guy that ran Hitler's propaganda operation for about 20 years? "If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough the people will believe it". Yeah, thats the guy. Nazi Germany's Bagdad Bob. Thats him. Well, his present day counterpart is a guy named Jay Carney. He's the guy tasked to built the lie bigger and bigger each day and make sure the state controlled press tells the nation how swell his boss, The Commissar in the White House is.

Yep "Those Phony Scandals". You'll hear your hero utter those words over and over. Oh, and here's something to think about as you click your heels and shout "Sieg Heil":

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