A Quiet, Subtle 4th For The Jewel Of The Hills

LA MESA -- La Mesa is a very patriotic town, but the biggest expression of that each year is the Flag Day Parade, not July 4th.

Still, in ways big and small, La Mesa marks Independence Day with signs of Old Glory and bunting sprinkled throughout the city.

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Comment by David Stanley on July 5, 2013 at 9:14am

Have I missed something here? "Very patriotic town, but ..." "...biggest celebration ...each year is the Flag Day Parade, not July 4th"?? "...in way, big and small ... bunting sprinkled throughout ..."??

Are the citizens of La Mesa even aware of, even understand, even cognizant of the difference between Flag Day and Independence Day? It would seem not. I would appear that, to enjoy an outing with pretty waving flags is enough to fulfill one's honour and loyalty to nation rather than observe the actual day whereupon a nation was born.

Flag Day is a day established was established by Congress in 1916 to commemorate an icon representing the nation. AN ICON! Not a nation!

Independence Day, the Forth of July, WAS

THE DAY the designers DECLARED for

Independence. The former has little bearing beyound the image of what eventually became "Stars and Strips" to the former.

This being the case, why then does La Mesa prefer to celebrate an Icon rather than the Event? It appears rather backwards to me, rather that celebrants do not understand what is happening and leap about because their neighbors are leaping about? How about the organizers of the Flag Day Parade? Could it be that they are also victims of this backward reasoning? Seems I must have either missed something when studying history all these years or was fortunate enough NOT to have fallen victim to the indoctrination called "education" of recent decades. I will celebrate Independence Day each year because I, at least, understand the meaning of the event, whilst the crowds, without any thought or awareness of what they are doing, continue to shout, drink their beer and enjoy the pretty colours.

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