"If you like your insurance, you'll be able to keep your insurance. If you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor".  Remember those words? YOUR president said those words in five, count them FIVE SEPARATE SPEECHES. And each time HE LIED! HE KNEW HE WAS LYING! HE LIED WITH A STRAIGHT FACE! Now, suddenly, he amends that lie by adding, "If your insurance complies with the law (read "MY LAW").

I have watched, off and on, throughout  the morning as his creature Sebelius stonewalls and makes excuse after excuse for this disaster, this JUGGERNAUT of destruction. Today millions of people so far have been just dropped by their health insurance carriers, citing non-compliance with this abortion of a health care law and it just keeps going on and on and on. In today's hearings what are we seeing and hearing? Why nothing more than the completely expected self serving speeches, coupled with fawning and groveling by every Democrat on the panel, EVERY DEMOCRAT. I listened carefully, in pieces, because after so long I developed the strong urge to be physically sick. Some Republicans asked some questions of Sebelius but most made speeches. Most Democrats made speeches coupled with congratulatory praise of Sebelius' handling of the law and website. Letter after letter, appeal after appeal, from all over the country, were read shouting either that insurance policies had been cancelled or premiums were being elevated by literally HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH. What was Sebelius' response? Never regret. Always, "They should just shop around". Twenty four hours a day the "news" reports countless cancellations of policies that the owners were PROMISED they would be able to keep if they would just "Pass it then learn what is in it".

Sebelius, like her Fuhrer, maintains that THIS IS NOT a government takeover. I have heard that over and over. They maintain that very few policies will be cancelled yet their very law provided up to approximately 65% if current health insurance policies would be be dropped. And they continue to look straight into cameras and LIE!

We'll get through this eventually. Millions will be squashed financially because of this Socialist takeover and blatant "SHARING OF THE WEALTH". Yes, we will survive even whilst millions no longer are able to work full time because of the government take over and "sharing of the wealth". Millions will suffer financially because they must somehow find ways NOT to by food, necessities and other needs of every day life just in order to march in line with their Fuhrer and his great new law.

We must have done something reeeeaaaalllly bad to have deserved all this. To deserve the complete Socialization of America. Reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy Bad!!

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